A word from CEO Tim Albertsen

It’s time to get the world moving again 

DSC_1322timhautedef-2The pandemic has accelerated the already rapid changes in mobility. But businesses just like yours, or as a private individual, can stay ahead of the curve by being flexible and agile with the right partner.

ALD Automotive is already helping businesses and consumers worldwide with outstanding service and state-of-the-art mobility technology. This has led us to 1.7 million contracts across the globe and the best geographical coverage of any full-service leasing company worldwide, covering 43 countries directly and 59 through our global partner alliance.

Today, we’re taking our experience, innovative drive, and global reach one step forward with Move 2025 - our strategic plan to meet your mobility needs wherever you are. 

Our ambition is simply to become a fully integrated sustainable mobility provider and THE global leader in our industry.

With the mobility industry changing more rapidly than at any time in our history, Move 2025 will naturally require an unprecedented level of investment in innovation and technology - and we will be there at every step. Whether through data processing and reporting, web and mobile apps, sustainable mobility products or telematics, we aim to give you outstanding service through state-of-the-art digital capabilities and customisation features which we believe are essential for the future of mobility.

We have our sights set on 2.3 million contracts by 2025 - thanks to our 8% compound growth over several years. And we plan to not only meet but exceed your expectations. To do that, we’ll engage ALD Automotive’s powerful technological edge, along with the skills and experience of our local, empowered staff on the ground – the people you interact with daily. Whether it be for car selection or claims management, making the transition to low or zero-emission vehicles or adopting alternative mobility, our local and international teams are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Everything we do is geared towards helping you to meet the challenges ahead in the best way possible. We’re making everyday business easier, delivering tangible value and generating positive returns for our stakeholders. 

More than ever, we’re ready to move you!