Meeting Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD

Our ambition is simply to be the worldwide leader in the creation and provision of mobility solutions.

The cornerstone of that ambition is customer service; we also strive to be the market reference for technology and innovation.

 Over the past few years the Group has made remarkable progress:

  • We are the industry leader with 1.70 million contracts worldwide

  • We have had more than 8% compound growth over many years

  • We have the best geographical coverage of any full service leasing company worldwide, covering 55 countries across the world (43 with a direct presence and 5 partners covering 12 countries)

As we look forward, we have to recognize and adapt to a market that is changing more rapidly than at any time in our history. That is why innovation is central to ALD Automotive’s ambition and a key value for the Group. It is why we are investing unprecedented amounts in innovation and technology and why, in a digital age, we believe that we can be the market leader. Whether its customer reporting, web and mobile apps, car sharing, mobility products or telematics: we are building market leading service solutions for our customers. This technological leap will help us to provide real differentiation in our service offering.

We believe that our culture and values will help us meet this challenge. We also believe that empowerment and managing driver commitment leads to innovation.

Our approach is to leverage the skills and experience of our local staff on the ground as they are closest to our customers and therefore best placed to build true partnerships with both customers and suppliers. They are also most able to truly understand the needs of the customer. In short, with innovative and flexible products, we aim to exceed global expectations through local expertise and employee empowered service excellence.

As your reliable partner in business car leasing, we take care of everything, from car selection and assistance to claims management and online reporting.

ALD Automotive is proud to offer fleet management and long-term vehicle leasing solutions to companies in 43 countries. International and local teams are continuously working together to build tailored partnerships that best fit customer needs.

Placing customer satisfaction at the core of our strategy, ALD Automotive provides fleet managers and drivers with the innovative tools and services needed to make everyday business easier and to meet future challenges.