What our clients say about us

On business implementation

Telecom company, Romania

Their need was mainly about improving their drivers' behavior to reduce the number of accidents and costs related to damage, and to optimize fuel consumption.

ALD Automotive Romania implemented a Defensive Driving Program in a partnership with a local driving and piloting school.

"This year was the beginning for operational leasing services in Romania, both for us and ALD Automotive. We grew up together and we managed to develop a proper and trustful business relationship."

On customer service

Pharmaceutical laboratory, Brazil

The issue was spending optimization and increases in service levels and driver satisfaction by improving the driver supplier call center.

ALD Automotive Brazil implemented a dedicated telephone service for drivers. Call handlers are all highly trained and aware of the specific requirements of each company.

"ALD Automotive has provided an exclusive, qualified and fast service. When I call ALD Automotive, I'm always sure someone will solve my problem." 

On optimisation

IT projects and systems management company, Luxembourg

ARHS wanted to harmonize its car policies and leasing products across Luxembourg and Belgium. The Key Account manager managed specific implementation plans in order to meet ARHS requirements and targets.

"Partnership, transparency, services...those words will be the keywords for a durable collaboration".

Elevator company, Belgium 

ThyssenKrupp had been tasked to make demonstrable savings and optimize their fleet management.

ALD Automotive in Belgium recommended changing the contract profile type to allow for unlimited changes to winter tyres. We agreed to conduct a study to see whether it could be possible to use fittings for a second time.

"Open collaboration, partnership, more than usual customer supplier relations are the main key words to describe our collaboration with ALD Automotive."