Ratings and Awards

For ALD, it is important to be evaluated by third parties, and it is a great way to challenge ourselves.


At the request of over 60 large customer groups, ALD underwent a CSR evaluation conducted by EcoVadis, first at the Group level and then, starting in 2016, at the subsidiary level. So far, 18 Group entities have undergone an EcoVadis assessment.

Here are the latest results of 2019: eight have Gold status (Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, UK, Spain, ALD SA, Switzerland) and four have Silver status (Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria). In total, 18 ALD entities have been assessed (12 Gold awards, 6 Silver). 

Silver Ecovadis 2019Gold Ecovadis 2019


ALD participated in the GAIA index and is rated 76 out of 100, when the average for the sector of business services is of 73. The evaluation covers the entire company.

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ALD has been assessed by MSCI and was awarded an “A”.

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