Responsible Business Practices

Culture of customer satisfaction

ALD puts the customer at the center of all its concerns and projects. In recent years, many initiatives have been conducted to develop a strong customer culture, including training in

Design Thinking methods that allow us to start from the customer experience to define new offers or improve existing services. The use of continuous customer feedback is studied using a flexible methodology so that countries can implement continuous and autonomous improvement action plans.

In 2017, ALD launched a major program to improve the customer experience called One Ready Smile.

Ethical and Responsible culture

Initiated in 2016, the Culture and Conduct program aims to build stakeholder confidence by putting values, quality of leadership, and behavioral integrity at the core of its business activity to achieve the highest standards of quality of service and ethical behavior.

Responsible Purchasing

In addition to the Know Your Supplier analysis, for a targeted scope of contracted suppliers, a non-financial assessment of environmental, social, business ethics and subcontracting performance by an independent third party is required.

The CSR clause that was updated in 2018 will now be integrated into all new contract templates. It refers to the Societe Generale Code of Conduct and Responsible Purchasing Charter.

We aim to involve suppliers in the implementation of measures to ensure human rights, proper working conditions (health and safety), environmental concerns, supply chain transparency and the fight against corruption.