Sustainable mobility

The right vehicle for the right use:

The on-going and necessary shift towards low emissions vehicles is why ALD aims to reduce the share of diesel vehicles in its portfolio and promote green alternatives. The energy transition therefore covers two company projects that are intrinsically linked:

A general aim to rebalance ALD's fleet – the most urgent efforts are aimed at reducing the share of diesel vehicles... and the obligation to create the necessary conditions for the emergence of electric vehicles.

ALD’s mission is to guide customers towards optimal technology from an economic and environmental point of view, considering the real use of vehicles.

Reaching 200,000 “green” vehicles: ALD is fully embracing the “powertrain shift”


At the end of 2018, ALD crossed the threshold of 100,000 electric or hybrid vehicles: 102,700 – an increase of 50% year-on-year. Pure electric vehicles represent just over 17,500 vehicles of this total, making ALD one of the main operators of electric vehicles throughout the world. Our ambition is to reach 200,000 “green” vehicles under management by the end of 2020. By that time, green vehicles will represent at least 20% of new contracts.

Making it happen: financing growth of electric + hybrid fleet

Thanks to the tool developed in the context of our bond issuance, ALD is also able to evaluate the CO2 and NOx avoided by its green fleet, through a life-cycle approach. The financed part of this fleet, recorded on the balance sheet of ALD, saves 74,200 tons of equivalent CO2 and 358 tons of equivalent nitrogen oxide per year, compared to an internal combustion engine fleet of equivalent power. 

Véhicule électrique

In September 2019, the EIB granted a EUR 250m credit envelope to enable ALD’s development of its range of hybrid and electric vehicles across the EU, particularly in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, making it possible to purchase a total of 15,000 vehicles.

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On 4 October 2018, ALD successfully issued its first positive-impact bond, of EUR 500 million with a 4-year maturity. The funds raised are exclusively used to (re)finance a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles selected according to their climate and environmental impact.

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New mobility solutions

ALD Automotive also places a strategic focus on investing in new mobility solutions that will transform car usage, fostering new behaviors that are gradually shifting the model away from the traditional “one user-one car” scenario. ALD identified three priority areas in which to innovate by 2020: digital and connected vehicles, flexibility, and new mobility solutions including corporate car-sharing. 

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ALD’s offer is currently built around two elements:

An Accident Management product: management of incidents, data management, customer reporting (to date, 14 countries have an Accident Management offer) 

A driver training program (in 34 countries), based on classroom training courses or digital programs, about accident-prevention, eco-driving and driving an electric vehicle.*

*The companies that have offered these training courses to their employees have seen a very significant fall in their accident rates (responsible accident rates halved) as well as a significant drop in fuel consumption (around 15%).