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ALD Automotive organizes and participates in many fleet events throughout the year to share knowledge and expertise.


Electric Fleet Week 

12 - 16 October 2020 
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What does it take to electrify your vehicle fleet? And how can you benefit from connectivity? 

From 12 to 16 october
, Fleet Europe focuses on everything electric and connected and organises a Virtual Fleet Week via Deep Dive and Best Practice Webinars focusing on strategies to implement EVs in your corporate fleets.

14 October - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET)
Learning Webinar: The right infrastructure for your EV fleet with ALD Automotive and ChargePoint

Fuelling a petrol or diesel car is familiar and easy. If you’re new to e-mobility, charging your EV is neither. In fact, the bewildering variety of charging solutions and speeds, not to mention all those connector cables, might be what’s putting you off. So, high time to get a few things straight. In this webinar, supported by ALD Automotive, you will get insight in the charging infrastructure development and solutions for efficient EV charging. 

Speakers and Set up: 

  • Welcome and Introduction - by Steven Schoefs, Fleet Europe 
  • Presentation Charging Infrastructure situation and evolution in Europe (number of charging points and density; differences in charging; evolution and outlook) -  by Dieter Quartier, Fleet Europe 
  • Interview by Steven Schoefs with Corporate Fleet customer Fer Derwort, Fleet Manager Europe at Infor 
  • Presentation by Sponsor ALD Automotive & ChargePoint, about efficient EV use and charging - by Benjamin Huvé, Senior Consultant - EV Expert, ALD Automotive and Andre Ten Bloemendal, Vice President Commercial Sales Europe, ChargePoint
  • Q&A with presenters and audience 
  • Closing of Learning Webinar -  by Steven Schoefs, Fleet Europe

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