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ALD Automotive organizes and participates in many fleet events throughout the year to share knowledge and expertise.


Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021

20 - 21 January 2021



The Global Fleet Summit APAC is the first event on the continent that will gather Fleet & Mobility Leaders with an international scope. The Summit will focus on global or regional fleet management strategies and  on the key elements to enable success.

20 January, 10:00 am (CET) - We will participate in a webinar discussing about "Getting your funding strategy right in Asia: Misconceptions around buying vs. leasing explained". 

Jeremy Cleary, Regional Chief Commercial Officer South East Asia at ALD MUL Mobility Services, takes a closer look at how leasing can drive simplification and deliver value for corporates and fleet managers throughout the region. 

21 January, 10:30 am (CET) - We will also participate in a debate, with the other founding partners, to discuss about "Ensuring customer satisfaction and managing fleet and mobility expectations in APAC". With Sujit Reddy, General Manager at ALD MUL Mobility Services. 

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Passed events:

EV Summit 2020

15 - 16 December 2020


The two-day summit brings together business leaders and key players working on electric vehicles, energy, information technology and charging infrastructure, to explore how we advance full, battery electric, emobility.

We participated in a sustainability panel with:

  • John Saffrett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ALD Automotive
  • Henrik Andersen, CEO, Vestas
  • Julia Poliscanova, Emobility Director, Transport and Environment

And a Research panel with:

  • Matt Dale, Head of Business Intelligence and Consultancy, ALD Automotive UK
  • Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport, Bloomberg
  • James Carter, Principal Consultant, Vision Mobility
  • Natasha Patel, Director, Baringa Partners



IFMI Digital Masterclass

3 December 2020


For Starters – How to benefit from an international fleet strategy?

This masterclass is tailored for fleet managers that are new in their role and have not yet acquired expertise in vehicle fleet management on an international level. It can also be valuable for companies that have yet to develop an international fleet management strategy.

The benefits of going international with Alix Truyens, Senior International Consultant.
Our client Wojciech Regucki (AbbVie), European Fleet & Mobility Manager 2020, was presenting his fleet and mobility policy at the end of the morning.

For Experts – How to make fleet electrification work?

This masterclass is designed for fleet managers with some experience in implementing an international fleet strategy covering multiple countries.

EV driver profiling: who is eligible for what type of EV powertrain? With Alix Truyens, Senior International Consultant.


Charging Up Europe: From Bratislava to Brussels – delivering EV charging for drivers across the EU 

3 December 2020
Europe ChargeUp event banner

ChargeUp Europe is a new electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry alliance that has come together to work towards an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV charging infrastructure in Europe. This event was exploring the switch to zero emission mobility in Europe, the uptake and rollout of EVs and related charging infrastructure and the key role of EU policies in making this happen.

In this occasion, Annie Pin, our Chief commercial Officer, participated in a panel:

Delivering EV infrastructure - What does the driver need?

This panel focused on the consumer aspect and explore what the EV driver needs to enable them to travel and charge seamlessly at home and across borders. Annie Pin spoke on experiences of leasing companies and how they are responding to demand for EVs and what can be done to enable fleet electrification that can provide drivers with EVs.

Fleet Europe Summit

17 - 18 November 2020

Summit Join us_ALD_1200x627


The Fleet Europe Summit is the leading international conference for fleet and mobility leaders, gathering over 1,200 decision-makers and influencers from more than 35 countries each year. It is the best place to stay on top of the transformation of our industry, to navigate innovations and to network with this close community.

This year, the Summit takes places in the virtual world, but it will still offer an outstanding line-up of expert speakers, with face-to-face networking and matchmaking with participants. We were the proud sponsor of the event and we participated in various webinars. Discover the program of our interventions: 


17th November

Webinar: Reinventing corporate mobility

With Amélie de Valroger (ALD Automotive), Lonneke van der Horst (ALD Automotive) and Alexandra Melville (Accenture)

Mobility is changing and employee expectations along with it. Making the transition towards smarter mobility, however, means challenging the norm and overhauling your mobility policy. Amélie de Valroger, Head of Business Intelligence & Consultancy, and Lonneke van der Horst, Head of Strategy & Marketing in the Netherlands, at ALD Automotive and Alexandra Melville, Global Car fleet and Mobility Category Lead at Accenture, take a closer look at the potential benefits of Mobility-as-a-Service and why you might want to consider rethinking your corporate mobility.


Webinar: From data to reality, electrification can make a difference (we’ve got the proof)

With Annie Pin (ALD Automotive), Benjamin Huvé (ALD Automotive) and Mark Haidar (Vinli)

COVID-19 lockdowns have disrupted the standard patterns of daily life, but they have also created opportunities for a fundamental change in everyday activity. Join ALD Automotive and data technology partner, Vinli, as they share a data driven case study in the UK on how fleets could actually achieve COVID-19 record low CO2 emissions (without comprising comfort or convenience) if they were electric.


Debate: Fleet & Mobility in the New Normal

In this panel discussion with leasing executives, they examine their view on the future of our fleet and mobility ecosystem, with special attention to fleet management efficiency in the New Normal, electrification and smart employee mobility.

With Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive; Marco Lessacher, CEO of Alphabet; Marchel Koops, CCO of Athlon; Jochen Schmitz, Head of International Fleet at Volkswagen Financial Services; Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank and Chairman of Leasys.


18th November

Thought Leadership: Understanding the digital mobility revolution

With John Saffrett (ALD Automotive)

Digital technology is profoundly changing mobility and the challenge is to efficiently harness the power of digitalization to revolutionize customer experience and provide greater value. In this keynote session, John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive, discuss what this means in terms of creating a digital mindset, building technical expertise, rolling-out agile methods, creating the right partnerships and pushing product innovation to evolve, develop and scale.


Webinar: Global fleet management made easier

With Thierry Faure (ALD Automotive) and Amalia Papastefanou (ALD Automotive)

Looking for better cost control, consistency, transparency and coverage? Then global fleet management is for you. Thierry Faure, Head of Sales & Client Relations International Key Accounts, and Amalia Papastefanou, International Key Account Product and Loyalty Manager at ALD Automotive, take a closer look at the reasons for opting to manage you fleet globally and the benefits you can expect across a global network of 50 + markets on all continents.


Webinar: A new frontier: Employee car ownership schemes explained 

With Olivier Theron (ALD Automotive) and Tanel Moistus (ALD Automotive)

With the growing private lease trend across Europe, you may be considering an Employee Car Ownership Scheme for your company. Olivier Theron, Head of ALD Flexible Solutions, and Tanel Moistus, Senior International Key Account Manager, at ALD Automotive take a deep-dive into the opportunities an Employee Car Ownership Scheme presents and look at what you need to do to set one up.


Electric Fleet Week 

12 - 16 October 2020 

INT - Fleet Week email banner


What does it take to electrify your vehicle fleet? And how can you benefit from connectivity? 

From 12 to 16 october
, Fleet Europe focuses on everything electric and connected and organises a Virtual Fleet Week via Deep Dive and Best Practice Webinars focusing on strategies to implement EVs in your corporate fleets.

14 October - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET)
Learning Webinar: The right infrastructure for your EV fleet with ALD Automotive and ChargePoint

Fuelling a petrol or diesel car is familiar and easy. If you’re new to e-mobility, charging your EV is neither. In fact, the bewildering variety of charging solutions and speeds, not to mention all those connector cables, might be what’s putting you off. So, high time to get a few things straight. In this webinar, supported by ALD Automotive, you will get insight in the charging infrastructure development and solutions for efficient EV charging. 

Speakers and Set up: 

  • Welcome and Introduction - by Steven Schoefs, Fleet Europe 
  • Presentation Charging Infrastructure situation and evolution in Europe (number of charging points and density; differences in charging; evolution and outlook) -  by Dieter Quartier, Fleet Europe 
  • Interview by Steven Schoefs with Corporate Fleet customer Fer Derwort, Fleet Manager Europe at Infor 
  • Presentation by Sponsor ALD Automotive & ChargePoint, about efficient EV use and charging - by Benjamin Huvé, Senior Consultant - EV Expert, ALD Automotive and Andre Ten Bloemendal, Vice President Commercial Sales Europe, ChargePoint
  • Q&A with presenters and audience 
  • Closing of Learning Webinar -  by Steven Schoefs, Fleet Europe