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“Designing-Your-Mobility” at ALD Automotive’s Mobility Design Center in the Netherlands

“Designing-Your-Mobility” at ALD Automotive’s Mobility Design Center in the Netherlands

It’s one thing to design a mobility policy, it’s another to put it into practice. And that’s just what our teams in the Netherlands intend to do.

This past week, our Mobility Design Center was launched in Amsterdam to help clients put their mobility policies to the test. The interactive meeting space allows companies to participate in Design-Your-Mobility workshops to convert their mobility visions into concrete, day-to-day mobility plans. Thanks to interactive and tactile tools to map out and adapt travel options, clients assess the actual impact of their mobility policies, in real time, based on geographic zoning maps. The impact of switching to alternative means of travel, such as electric vehicles, cycling or even remote working, can be measured immediately, both in terms of cost and CO2 emissions.

“Our workshops use actual client data which allows them to literally walk out the door with multiple real-life scenarios that they can be implemented immediately,” points out by Lonneke van der Horst, Marketing & Strategy Director in the Netherlands, and one of the masterminds behind the Mobility Design Center. “Over the years, we’ve seen that companies often have the desire to change their company mobility policy but don’t know how to go about implementing a new policy. Our Mobility Design Center makes that vision become a reality.”

The Mobility Design Center comes as a natural extension to the Mobility Experience Center. Launched in 2016, the Experience Center encourages companies to challenge and reassess their mobility policies by gathering key stakeholders together to look at industry trends and business cases and discuss how they could have an impact on their current mobility policy.

With the recent COVID-19 crisis, we have seen client demand across the Group increase considerably as companies are looking at how to adapt to the “new normal” efficiently and cost effectively. If you’re interested in reassessing your mobility policy, feel free to contact us at: