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Employee Car Schemes: Something for everyone

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Employee Car Schemes: Something for everyone

While we’re known primarily for our provision of corporate fleets and our close relationship with fleet managers, our goal at ALD Automotive is to offer companies an ever more comprehensive range of mobility solutions for each and every employee. Alongside our broad range of fleet initiatives, employee car schemes represent a solution tailored towards giving each individual employee more choice and greater freedom as to how they meet their mobility needs.

Showing employees you care

The key difference between our corporate fleet solutions and employee car schemes is that in the latter case, it is the individual employee that chooses to take on a car or not at their own expense, via a private lease contract or a salary sacrifice. These days mobility is increasingly seen as a service to dip into – where being able to access a car for usage is often more important than owning one. And with competitive monthly rates, complete with special discounts, employee car schemes are proving a popular solution to this changing need.

Whether your employees are ineligible for a company car, or already have access to one but are seeking a second vehicle for a spouse or family member, the new scheme offers advantages (specific negotiated advantages), at competitive monthly rates. Our selection of retail solutions is thus growing, enabling ever greater consumer choice, and keeping your staff happy at a time when choice is more necessary than ever.

We have been developing our private leasing business over the last 5-6 years and provide operational leasing services to private individuals in 23 countries across Europe, representing 165,000 vehicles in 2021, when the scheme was rolled out internationally.


Benefits all round

Benefit programs help companies of all sizes motivate their employees by providing access to high-quality products and value-added services from well-known manufacturers and brands. Benefit programs can also contribute to boosting employee recruitment and retention at near zero-cost.

The popularity of employee car schemes is perhaps no surprise, given that they offer employees access to a vehicle with no down payment, while eliminating the risk of depreciation at the end of the contract. It is also possible to use the scheme to access used cars which we guarantee 100%, with no warranty issues. Add to that the lower insurance premiums that we can offer thanks to our influential and broad network of partners, and the package begins to look increasingly attractive to employees.


So how does it work?

Firstly, the offering is accessible online. Like other employee benefit offerings, you’ll most likely want to introduce the car scheme to your employees on the HR page of your company intranet. This gives you the opportunity to highlight the benefits provided through the scheme alongside the other benefit programs you provide to employees. After that, you simply need to provide a link to redirect your employees to a secure and personalized webpage hosted by us. Secondly, we take care of the rest – from showcasing promotional offers to managing the administrative burden for the contracting process directly with the employee. It is as simple as that!


A key “benefits” partner

Given the popularity of employee car schemes, we decided to broaden the reach of our services and recently teamed up with corporate benefits, the European market leader in employee discount programs, as the first mobility provider of optional leasing services to be selected for partnership by the platform in 5 countries across Europe. corporate benefits delivers benefit programs across a broad range of employee offers through local web-based portals, representing currently more than 12,800 companies and 8.2 million registered users.

Via the corporate benefits’ digital service offering, we provide full service leasing packages for a range of brand new and used vehicle models which are available for employees at discounted rates or through special promotional offers. All models can benefit from maintenance, tire change, breakdown assistance, insurance and vehicle registration and are available with flexible durations and mileage. And again, we manage the lease for the duration of the contract.


Mobility is changing

Employee car schemes are, indeed, proving popular as they allow companies to extend the benefits of a company car to their entire employee base while limiting involvement in implementation and implication in the contractual process while delivering tangible benefits to employees. They are also an easy way to improve employee satisfaction and employer attractiveness.

Whether you opt to contact us directly or would like to benefit from corporate benefits’ global offering, employee car schemes should be on your radar as a hassle-free way to allow your employees to have more choice and greater freedom as to how they meet their mobility needs.