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EV revolution: introducing the comprehensive Electric Vehicle catalogue

EV revolution: introducing the comprehensive Electric Vehicle catalogue

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the growing variety of options available in the market are clear indications of the growing demand for cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. With ambitious goals of reducing the use of fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions, companies and individuals alike are looking for viable options to transition to low-emission mobility.

The shift towards electrification presents many challenges for fleet managers and choosing the right vehicle, with so many options in the market, can be overwhelming to make an informed decision. In order to help you make the best choices, we’ve designed an Electric Vehicle catalogue to make the process of selecting the right vehicles easier for you. Since the launch of the first edition at the beginning of 2022, and to better meet your needs, we’ve gathered our client feedback throughout the year and designed a new comprehensive view of EVs currently available in Europe.

This 2023 edition was launched to include a wide range of additional features and benefits that are important in selecting vehicles, like the location of the last assembly of the car, the battery type, towing capacity and much more. This information will provide you with precise and thorough insight into the range of EVs that are currently obtainable in Europe. The catalogue also helps to compare, contrast, and choose the most suitable EVs for your needs. In addition, efforts are underway to provide an EV catalog dedicated to Latin America.

Our sales representatives will gladly provide you with a copy of our Electric Vehicle catalogue and is available to assist you in comparing vehicles based on your specific needs and preferences. With around 300 vehicles listed in the catalogue, up from 150 a year ago, we are confident that you'll find the EV models for your many needs.

So why wait? Contact your ALD Automotive sales representative today and let us help you fine-tune your EV selection and choose the right vehicles for your fleet. Get ready to join the EV revolution!

Download the EV catalogue by clicking here