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Fleet Europe Summit 2020: it's a wrap!

Fleet Europe Summit 2020: it's a wrap!

This year 2020, the Summit took place in the virtual world, but it will still offer an outstanding line-up of expert speakers, with face-to-face networking and matchmaking with participants.

We were a proud sponsor of the event and we have participated in various webinars. Discover below a sum-up of each webinar, with key takeaways and replay videos: 


From data to reality, electrification can make a difference (we’ve got the proof)

With Annie Pin (ALD Automotive), Benjamin Huvé (ALD Automotive) and Mark Haidar (Vinli)

COVID-19 lockdowns have disrupted the standard patterns of daily life, but they have also created opportunities for a fundamental change in everyday activity. ALD Automotive and data technology partner, Vinli, share a data driven case study in the UK on how fleets could actually achieve COVID-19 record low CO2 emissions (without comprising comfort or convenience) if they were electric.

3 key takeaways from this webinar: 

  • The use of telematics kills the myths around EV range anxiety: a high majority of UK drivers have driving usages perfectly compatible with EVs

  • The current context in the UK is a fantastic enabler for EV transition, thanks to a wide range of EVs being less expensive than their ICE alternatives in many situations, for comparable features and performance

  • ALD Automotive supports its customers in their journey towards electrification with a strong and realistic commitment to the energy transition

Watch the replay now:



Reinventing corporate mobility

With Amélie de Valroger (ALD Automotive), Lonneke van der Horst (ALD Automotive) and Alexandra Melville (Accenture)

Mobility is changing and employee expectations along with it. Making the transition towards smarter mobility, however, means challenging the norm and overhauling your mobility policy. Amélie de Valroger, Head of Business Intelligence & Consultancy, and Lonneke van der Horst, Head of Strategy & Marketing in the Netherlands, at ALD Automotive and Alexandra Melville, Global Car fleet and Mobility Category Lead at Accenture, took a closer look at the potential benefits of Mobility-as-a-Service and why you might want to consider rethinking your corporate mobility.

3 key takeaways from this webinar: 

  • More than just an app, our MaaS solution is an end-to-end program designed hand in hand with strategic clients

  • Our aim was to create a mobility one-stop-shop powered by ALD Automotive and act as a glocalized mobility integrator for employers, employees and mobility providers.

  • The success of the program lies in: a data driven strategy ; a clear governance ; an agile methodology: test & learn, with achievable and quick results ; the involvement from the beginning of all stakeholders to ensure a smooth change management throughout the program.

Replay not available.



Understanding the digital mobility revolution

With John Saffrett (ALD Automotive)

Digital technology is profoundly changing mobility and the challenge is to efficiently harness the power of digitalization to revolutionize customer experience and provide greater value. John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive, discusses what this means in terms of creating a digital mindset, building technical expertise, rolling-out agile methods, creating the right partnerships and pushing product innovation to evolve, develop and scale.

Watch the replay now:



Global fleet management made easier

With Thierry Faure (ALD Automotive) and Amalia Papastefanou (ALD Automotive)

Looking for better cost control, consistency, transparency and coverage? Then global fleet management is for you. Thierry Faure, Head of Sales & Client Relations International Key Accounts, and Amalia Papastefanou, International Key Account Product and Loyalty Manager at ALD Automotive, took a closer look at the reasons for opting to manage your fleet globally and the benefits you can expect across a global network of 50 + markets on all continents.

4 key takeaways from this webinar: 

  • ALD Automotive has the widest strategic alliance coverage in the market to make your global fleet management easier

  • ALD Automotive & Wheels have experience to advise on the right set-up for you, based on your strategy and governance

  • Benefits of global fleet management, when picking the right partner, include fleet visibility and control, best practice sharing, more efficient car policies, purchasing power and a win/win strategic partnership

  • Managing a global fleet is made even easier with ALD Net, evaluated by multiple clients as best in class reporting platform with global features

Watch the replay now:



A new frontier: Employee car ownership schemes explained 

With Olivier Theron (ALD Automotive) and Tanel Moistus (ALD Automotive)

With the growing private lease trend across Europe, you may be considering an Employee Car Ownership Scheme for your company. Olivier Theron, Head of ALD Flexible Solutions, and Tanel Moistus, Senior International Key Account Manager, at ALD Automotive will take a deep-dive into the opportunities an Employee Car Ownership Scheme presents and look at what you need to do to set one up.

3 key takeaways from this webinar: 

  • Private Lease for employees is an upward trend

  • Companies need to set up innovative and efficient schemes answering their operational and financial needs, but also answering the employees’ new behavior and expectations

  • The co-building approach proposed by ALD Automotive allows companies to set up optimized solutions, in line with their mobility policy, with no additional workload and for all employees, regardless of their company car eligibility

Watch the replay now:


Thank you to everyone who attended the event and see you next year for Fleet Europe Summit 2021!