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How ODM can save your fleet money and time

How ODM can save your fleet money and time

What’s ODM? It’s the abbreviation for ‘Outsourced Driver Management’. And what does it do? The ALD Automotive and Wheels product saves you a lot of time and money each year – but only if you have the right kind of fleet. And do you? Well, read on…

As the saying goes: “Life is what happens while you make other plans.” Fleet managers know the feeling. Sure, you have a long-term vision for your company’s mobility issues. But every day, your inbox is full of items that are both less important and more urgent. That’s where ODM comes in.


Logical choice

“ODM takes a lot of time-consuming driver interactions off the hands of fleet managers. It means we do eligibility checks, we help the drivers select and configure their new company cars, we approve and process the orders – to name just some aspects of ODM,” explains Thierry Faure, Head of Sales & Client Relations International Key Accounts at ALD Automotive. As an add-on to ALD Automotive’s main full-service leasing product, ODM works best under a number of circumstances.

  • The customer has a sole-supplier sourcing deal for their corporate vehicles.

  • The car policy is well-defined, with a limited number of options for the driver.

  • The fleet size is 200 vehicles or less by country.

“Any significantly larger it may make sense economically for fleets to develop this kind of expertise in-house subject to resources available in a given market. However, ODM remains the logical choice for fleets to outsource non core activities.”


Neutral third party

About 20-30% of ALD Automotive customers are using ODM, and interest is growing. Why? Because though the advantages may be variable per company, they are very measurable indeed.

  • For drivers, ODM increases productivity: it saves each one up to 30 hours per year. Over an entire fleet, that’s a lot of time that can be spent otherwise.

  • For fleets, ODM is a way to access bundled services – maintenance, tyres, etc. – at prices that are more competitive. For one company, ODM generated annual savings of €140,000.

There is, however, also a very intangible advantage to outsourcing driver management, Mr Faure notes: “Vehicle selection can be a very emotive issue. This can cause frictions between fleet managers and their drivers. When we do ODM, we are seen by both parties as a neutral third party and are better able to resolve issues.”


Global product

And if you’re a corporate with a multinational, transcontinental fleet, here’s yet another advantage of ODM: via the ALD Automotive | Wheels Global Alliance, it’s a global product, that travels well all over the world. “We simply call it driver assistance, but the rationale behind it is the same: we want to relieve our customers of any size, day-to-day tactical fleet tasks, so they can concentrate on strategic fleet tasks,” says Suresh Rajapakse, Vice President Account Management at Wheels, Inc.
“Key in the ALD Automotive | Wheels Global Alliance is the shared emphasis on the human touch, and that especially applies for driver assistance,” says Mr Rajapakse. “Drivers’ calls are answered within 30 seconds, and our driver services associates will aim to resolve all driver questions on that first call.”


User comfort

And now there’s an app, which enhances user comfort. Drivers anxiously awaiting their next car can track its progress on the app, as if it were an Amazon package. The app shows the nearest locations of points of service, and with just two clicks, you can call them to arrange for an appointment. Important documents need no longer be stored in the glovebox: they’re on the app.


ODM allows fleet customers to concentrate on their core business, while ALD Automotive and Wheels take care of the nitty gritty. Because that’s their core business.



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