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Making the most of the opportunities MaaS can provide: ALD Move

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Making the most of the opportunities MaaS can provide: ALD Move

Instead of getting confused by lengthy descriptions, at ALD Automotive we like to think of Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) simply as a Mobility Budget. Why? Because having access to a mobility budget and spending it whenever you want, to get you where you need to go, will be one of the keystones to shaping the future of mobility.

  • As the World, mobility is going under rapid changes

The world is transforming fast as we witness growing environmental concerns in the face of climate change, the surge of the total cost of mobility (TCM), shortages of new cars and endless delivery lead time, evolving employee expectations, digital lifestyles and a greater need for choice and personalisation. Consequently, there are strong impacts on the demand for mobility, the way it is delivered and not least consumed….

  • What does this mean for companies?​

Companies are increasingly relying on three core pillars to be successful: People to attract talent, Planet to reduce their carbon footprint and Profit to monitor costs. As Maas has a concrete impact on all three pillars, it can be a real opportunity for companies to use new services around mobility to support productivity, sustainability and efficiency.

  • And more concretely, what does it mean for mobility managers?

Given the broad nature of MaaS, however, companies must take a more holistic view of mobility. This means changing your mindset to look at mobility from a different perspective and seek out new stakeholders, such as CSR and HR managers, to contribute to your overall mobility strategy.

  • Sometimes it takes a helping hand to get started

Our approach to implementing a MaaS solution is two-fold. First, our goal is to accompany you, with our bespoke advisory services, to help you design your new mobility strategy. Our mobility specialists do this using a dedicated methodology which can include market analysis, employee readiness assessment, mobility budget designing, predictive CO² calculations and TCM projections. This information is then used to map out your company’s mobility requirements and potential opportunities which can then be incorporated into your company’s mobility policy.

  • An end-to-end multimobility offering for all

Secondly, once your strategy is set up, our MaaS solution, ALD Move, can be adapted and rolled-out to provide your employees with an end-to-end mobility offering aligned with your strategic goals. From a mobility budget for each employee to a real-time app for journey planning and card for payments, your employees gain in flexibility by having access to a broad range of mobility options, such as a lease car, e-bike, car sharing and public transport.

  • And as a mobility manager, you streamline the processes around mobility management and remain in total control of the mobility policy by:

    • Combining the best of public transport and mobility solutions from ALD Automotive: employees may spend their allocated mobility budget in-app or with a payment card on authorized types of mobility.
    • Monitoring CO2 output, cost and mobility usage on a dedicated reporting platform.
    • Embedding the rules from your mobility policy for automated enforcement.
    • Integrating with your company’ pay and HR systems.


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[Article published in Fleet Europe e-Book - December 2022: E-Book: Mobility-as-a-Service | Fleet Europe]