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Safety at the heart of responsible fleet management

Safety at the heart of responsible fleet management

As we all know, among the responsibilities you face as a Fleet Manager, your most important role is ensuring the safety of your drivers. This may sound simple, but it is a multifaceted challenge that needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis. Although efforts are continually being made to improve safety standards on the road by both manufacturers and governmental bodies, accidents are still a daily reality and have a tangible impact on both the well-being of drivers and the company’s productivity.

This past July, we teamed up with Michelin in Austria to address how fleet managers could lower accident rates and decrease associated costs in their fleets by looking at driver behavior and vehicle safety improvements. Under the banner of “Fleet Safety & Savings”, the event gathered both international and local clients in Vienna over 2 days. Discussions focused on identifying safety “pain points,” concerns and costs associated with accidents, as well as sharing and learning about safety best practices, worn tire regulations and tire technology.

As part of the dialogue, we also shared insight into our global approach to encourage safety on the road through our ALD SafeDrive program. Available in 75 countries, ALD SafeDrive is a driver training program which provides personalized web-based road safety training packages. The program is designed to reduce collisions, insurance claims &costs and improve fuel efficiency through an individual plan that delivers results.

The program starts with a diagnostic test to evaluate a driver’s behavior behind the wheel in 48 different situations in which hazards must be detected by driving virtually. The evaluation provides a score for 6 core driving competencies: driver attitude, danger zones, other motorists, speed management, scanning and space management. The results are then used to set up an annual personalized training program with monthly touchpoints that initially address an individual’s high risk driving behaviors and is adjusted progressively based on the driver’s performance during the program. Results have shown that companies who have implemented the program have benefited in a decrease in the rate of collisions, as well as cost savings of up to 35% over a 4-year period.

Several clients volunteered to do the diagnostic test and they unanimously found a strong correlation between the “virtual driving” evaluation and their real driving habits and acknowledge the deficiencies identified that would benefit from training.

Following the interactive workshop, attendees also participated in a challenging test drive on a wet race track to compare worn Michelin long lasting tires with tires from other manufacturers. Trials with Michelin long lasting tires showed significantly improved road traction and grip – especially on a wet surface and winding roads. As the adage says, “seeing is believing”, but it is even more relevant when you can test it for yourself!   

The event was very positively received by clients as both eye-opening and relevant. Backed by this success, we plan to continue similar initiatives to help clients tackle the challenges of keeping their drivers safe.

If you are interested in finding out more about ALD SafeDrive and/or similar initiatives, please contact your relationship manager.