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Tailor-made consultancy trumps generic white papers

Tailor-made consultancy trumps generic white papers

The fleet and mobility industries are facing disruption from various sides: powertrain choices have become more complex than ever, governments are revising legislation and taxation regarding fleets, new technologies are becoming available and drivers are more demanding than ever before.

Fleet clients don't always have the resources needed to deal with these challenges. That's why ALD Automotive recently decided to reinforce its consultancy team to support international clients in their journey towards fleet optimisation and sustainable mobility.

ALD Automotive has a long history of accompanying its clients with their fleet strategies and recently decided to add two new senior consultants to expand its Business Intelligence & Consultancy Group which is headed up by Benjamin Daels, Head of Head of Consultancy & Product Development, International Key Accounts, at ALD. Based at corporate headquarters, both new additions have been with the Group for several years and bring complimentary backgrounds. Anne Chidiac joined ALD Automotive in 2015 and has considerable experience in Finance and IT, having recently implemented the company’s new accounting platform. She will be working alongside Benjamin Huvé who was previously an international sales manager and well versed in the complexity of managing efficient fleets across the globe.

Given the current trends, the team has decided to make a particular focus on 4 key pillars that have been identified by fleet manager clients as strategic priorities.
These are:

  • Cost optimisation
  • Alternative powertrain shift
  • Safety
  • Mobility

Initiatives will therefore be concentrated on harnessing the necessary expertise, as well as delivering or developing the best solutions to address any client needs identified in these areas.

The strengthened consultancy team plays a central role in coordinating expertise across ALD Automotive and is responsible for sourcing internal expertise for the benefit of clients and bring another dimension to discussions. When contemplating the deployment of electric vehicles at strategic level, for instance, an obvious expert to call upon is Stéphane Renie, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. He is responsible for implementing the company’s alternative powertrain strategy to support the Group’s sustainable commitments and is well positioned to address the complexity and challenges of adapting powertrain strategies.

The team’s underpinning philosophy is that it's not about churning out generic advice and white papers - it's about addressing concrete issues for customers using targeted in-house expertise.

The Business Intelligence and Consultancy Group also receives support through ALD Automotive’s local consulting network. The team has been working to align the 4 pillar approach in all mature markets to bring a consistent consultancy offering in these markets and is looking next to enlarge the consultancy approach across additional markets. These include LatAm, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa.

The goal is to build bridges between experts across the Group for the benefit of clients and will leverage ALD Automotive’s global coverage which spans 55 countries, with additional support coming from strategic partnerships, such as Wheels in the United States. This approach is very much in line with the company’s DNA where local entrepreneurship is essential.

The consultancy process follows a 4-step approach:

  1. Identify clients’ needs and requirements
  2. Perform a 360° analytical study with input from key stakeholders
  3. Build and propose potential scenarios for discussion
  4. Help implement the solution and measure results post-implementation to ensure that return on investment has been achieved

In a rapidly evolving landscape, it is important that clients’ receive the most relevant and adequate advice in order to address critical issues, but also identify opportunities which will enable them to optimise their organisation as appropriately and efficiently as possible.

If you’re interested in finding our more about ALD Automotive’s consultancy services, why not take a look at client feedback to see how ALD Automotive is able to helps clients’ fine tune their fleet management strategies.

ALD Automotive knows how important it is to ensure that a company’s fleet strategy is exactly the right fit for the company’s needs and is available to help.
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