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ALD automotive announces connected car partnership with vinli

ALD automotive announces connected car partnership with vinli

ALD Automotive has signed a strategic partnership and development agreement with Vinli, a connected car platform provider, to benefit from its cloud-connected car and data intelligence platform for smart car data integration and processing, in addition to access to its connected car software development expertise.

Through this partnership, Vinli will provide services to enrich ALD Automotive’s overall service offering and develop new value added solutions to improve both driver experience and optimize overall Total Cost of Ownership for efficient fleet management.

With the fast paced progress of the Internet of things (IoT) and data sources growing exponentially, ALD Automotive is positioning itself to harness the potential that smart car data provides while ensuring that its services are agile, scalable and secure. ALD Automotive plans to further streamline system interfacing and explore additional connected car capabilities and Vinli’s industry expertise and technology will contribute significantly to this growth.

Based in the United States, Vinli is the world’s first open platform for connected car apps and focuses on creating safer and more productive journeys for car drivers and owners.

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