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ALD automotive announces e-car sharing agreement in norway with nsb group

ALD automotive announces e-car sharing agreement in norway with nsb group

ALD Automotive has signed an agreement with the NSB Group to support a car sharing service composed solely of electric vehicles for their public transport network in Norway. This is Norway’s first free float car sharing service.

In cooperation with GreenMobility, a Danish mobility franchise provider who will provide the car sharing concept, and Renault, ALD Automotive will provide leasing services for an electric car sharing network of 250 Renault Zoe vehicles in Oslo. The new service will facilitate traveling by means of public transport by providing additional alternatives for commuting customers and help expand the overall reach of NSB’s mobility offering.

As of December 2018, NSB commuters will be able to access the cars in Oslo through a dedicated app which allows them to reserve, have access to and pay for the use of the vehicle. Customers can choose to pay per minute, for an entire day or opt for a monthly subscription which includes 20 hours of driving time. NSB’s goal is to strengthen the national train and bus network with different mobility services, in order to bring their passangers from door to door.

A ceremony was held on November 21st at La Résidence de France of the French Embassy in Oslo to launch this innovative car sharing deal with ALD Automotive, NSB, GreenMobility and Renault. The agreement coincides with the 100th anniversary of cooperation between France and Norway.

We are very proud to be a part of this unique service which illustrates our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions to better meet our clients' needs. ALD Automotive in Norway is a pioneer in the field of alternative vehicles, with the highest ratio of "green cars", and is a forerunner in implementing responsible mobility offerings,” confirms Tim Albertsen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ALD.

With over 10,000 standard charging stations for electric cars in Norway and a dynamic "green car" market, Norway is a fertile ground for players seeking to develop sustainable mobility. The country is a real laboratory, as electric and hybrid vehicles are highly competitive regarding their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to other countries. Moreover, the government has implemented several incentive policies to foster their use. As a result, the Norwegian market today has the highest rate of electric and hybrid vehicles with 111,500 new vehicle registrations, representing 58% of the overall market share, at end September 2018.

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