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ALD automotive launches corporate car sharing platform in 3 new countries

ALD automotive launches corporate car sharing platform in 3 new countries

ALD Automotive has launched ALD Carsharing, the company’s proprietary Corporate car sharing platform, in 3 new countries in Europe: France, the Netherlands and Spain. Already operational in Denmark, Germany and Italy, the fully digital solution allows company employees to share a pool of corporate vehicles, for both professional and personal purposes, optimises fleet usage and reduces overall mobility costs.

ALD Carsharing covers the entire driver journey with a dedicated app for booking the car and keyless access through an in-house digital platform for a pool of dedicated full-service leasing vehicles. The solution is easy to use, flexible, cost efficient and environmentally friendly, as one car is shared between several drivers. Car sharing can be used to help address parking limitations, contribute to employee satisfaction by providing access for personal purposes and support asset optimisation while limiting additional transportation costs such as taxis. Each vehicle is equipped with a specific On Board Unit device which allows fleet managers to monitor, in real time, fleet availability and usage, as well as evaluate the total cost of ownership of each vehicle to ensure optimal management. Car sharing is also an effective option to support sustainable mobility by introducing electric vehicles (EV) into a corporate fleet which can help alleviate employee anxiety about EVs and contribute to a lower CO2 footprint.

The digital platform was developed by ALD Automotive’s dedicated Centre of Excellence in Italy to support the company’s strategic focus on sustainable mobility and accompany the gradual shift in the mobility model away from the traditional “one person = one car” scenario. Further roll out of the platform is currently underway in Norway.

“We are proud of the success of our corporate car sharing platform which is unique in the industry and supported by our market leading digital infrastructure and expertise,” confirms John Saffrett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ALD. “ALD Carsharing is helping to shape our urban mobility offering going forward, as well as supporting our sustainable growth strategy as a key player in the energy transition, and fully supports our commitment to providing innovative and flexible mobility solutions.”

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