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ALD Automotive donates to Foundation 101 to empower intensive care

ALD Automotive donates to Foundation 101 to empower intensive care

In the fight against COVID-19, ALD Automotive has decided to donate 100,000 euros to support Foundation 101, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming intensive care worldwide. This financial contribution will be used to support the foundation’s campaign “Empower intensive care and save lives” at a time when COVID-19 is putting every intensive care unit in France and across the world under stress.

To raise additional funds, ALD Automotive has also launched “We are 1 for 101”, an employee fundraising campaign, to encourage its 6,700 employees spread across 42 countries to help support 101. The six-week campaign aims to raise at least an additional 50,000 euros.

101 aims to save 1 million lives within 4 years by transforming intensive care medicine in France and across the foundation’s international network of affiliated intensive care units in 66 countries worldwide. Funding will be used to support the Foundation 101’s strategic plan which focuses on better care - implementing measures and deploying knowledge to optimize intensive care unit performance, better research - accelerating intensive care research for the implementation of new technologies - and better support - mitigating the trauma of intensive care by accompanying patients and their families. These initiatives will ultimately help intensive care professionals give a second life to the most critically ill and offer the best chances of a complete recovery to all patients.

This partnership is part of ALD Automotive’s greater ALD Solidarity Plan launched at the start of the COVID-19 crisis to mobilize the company’s resources collectively and focuses on three areas:

  • lending vehicles to those fighting COVID-19 in the frontline
  • giving to the community, in particular NGOs, healthcare organizations and associations who help those most vulnerable
  • supporting vulnerable suppliers and customers (largely SMEs) through dedicated initiatives


“These are unprecedented times with COVID-19 affecting all of us both professionally and personally,” states Gilles Bellemère, General Manager of ALD Automotive France and Deputy CEO of ALD. “Partnering with Foundation 101 is an opportunity to collectively help our communities worldwide by supporting intensive care professionals who are in the frontline saving lives.”

“We are particularly proud to be supported by ALD Automotive,” says Jean-Daniel Chiche, President of the 101 Fund and Full Professor of Intensive Care Medicine - Hôpital Cochin & Université de Paris. “With your support, we will foster the discovery of the optimal strategy of mechanical ventilation in patients with the acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition frequently associated with Covid-19 infection with mortality rates close to 50%.”

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