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ALD Automotive launches new phase of expansion with ALD Carmarket

ALD Automotive launches new phase of expansion with ALD Carmarket

ALD Automotive has launched a new phase in the expansion of its used car offering as part of its ambitious development strategy. The company is extending the reach of its distribution channel, ALD Carmarket, for used car sales to professional traders, intensifying the launch of its direct “clicks & bricks” used car offering for consumers and rebranding the entire offering under the company’s new global brand identity. Leveraging the largest used car offering in the industry, ALD Carmarket provides high quality, expertly serviced and appraised used cars that are sourced through the 43 countries where ALD Automotive has a direct presence.

The broadest used car offering for traders globally

ALD Automotive has extended the reach of its industrialised online sales platform for professional used car traders, now spanning 37 countries. ALD Carmarket enables traders across the world to efficiently and rapidly buy from a selection of thousands of used cars through online auctions, cross-border bucketing and electronic sales, which is extremely important at a time when traders are rebooting their business post-crisis. In 2019, more than 60% of ALD Automotive’s used car transactions were carried out online.

A direct consumer used car “clicks & bricks” offering

 ALD Automotive is extending its used car offering to the retail market with the roll-out of its “clicks & bricks” approach for consumers, combining, an online retail version of ALD Carmarket, and onsite ALD Carmarket showrooms, through an existing resale network of 50 branded used car outlets. Based on the pioneering concept in Denmark, consumers can access a broad range of expertly serviced and appraised used cars to buy or lease both online and in person for an optimal user experience. Retail customers interested in leasing a used car benefit from an all-in-one personal car leasing package at affordable prices and with no delivery delays. This used car “clicks & bricks” offering is already live in Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany and Portugal and will be expanded to Norway in the coming weeks. Roll-out will be completed in Central and Eastern Europe by the end of the year and an ambitious implementation plan for additional markets is planned in 2021.

A new identity to affirm the strategic importance of the remarketing business

ALD Automotive’s remarketing business is being rebranded under the new global corporate brand identity, reaffirming its integral role in the Group's strategy. The brand identity aims at embodying the company’s vision and its ambition to be the worldwide leader in the creation and provision of mobility solutions, bringing to light the breadth of ALD Automotive’s expertise, market leading mobility solutions and innovative spirit, which underpin its leadership position. Roll-out will be completed by mid-2021.

“Our growing used car offering testifies to our commitment to continually accompany our clients’ needs for greater choice, freedom and value. By actively investing in ALD Carmarket, we are making it THE place to go for great value for money, a first-rate digital buyer experience and excellent customer service,” said Tim Albertsen, Chief Executive Officer of ALD. “This new phase highlights the strategic importance of our used car strategy in our overall development. Our market leading digital platform and existing resale network will enable us to further expand the reach of our services and provide our clients and partners with the mobility services they need.”

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