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ALD Solidarity Plan: collective effort to globally fight COVID-19

ALD Solidarity Plan: collective effort to globally fight COVID-19

As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, ALD Automotive launched its ALD Solidarity Plan to mobilize the company’s resources collectively and play its part in the fight against the pandemic. By providing support to local communities and stakeholders in all countries where the company has a direct presence, ALD Automotive was able to make a difference from the outset of the crisis in three areas of influence:

  • The loan of vehicles to those fighting in the frontline

Over 800 vehicles were made available on loan for free in more than 20 countries worldwide to transport healthcare professionals. Several countries also contributed to the #WeAllMove alliance, a mobility platform connecting mobility users and providers.

  • Financial and in-kind donations

A total amount of 400,000 euros was collected through financial donations and donations in kind to support local NGOs, hospitals and charities. The holding office and ALD Automotive in France jointly organized a corporate donation of 100,000 euros and an employee fund raising campaign to support the 101 Fund, a French foundation helping intensive care research across the world. Donations in kind included 40,000 masks and the distribution of more than 100,000 meals in Spain and the UK, in partnership with local companies and NGOs.

  • Supporting vulnerable suppliers and customers

All entities supported vulnerable suppliers and customers (largely SMEs) by being vigilant about payments for suppliers, payment delays and/or preferred terms on contract extensions to avoid applying any additional financial stress. In addition, vehicle delivery was maintained to ensure business continuity to critical activities throughout the crisis.

Over an 8-week time span and despite pandemic conditions, more than 30 countries contributed to our ALD Solidarity Plan.

“We are proud of the positive momentum created to support our ALD Solidarity Plan and the remarkable involvement at all levels of the organization to make this happen. Beyond the short-term impact, I am convinced the relationships created during this extraordinary time will last and even grow!” says Stephane Renie, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at ALD.


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