We are placing people and corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything we do. To fully support this ambition, we have defined a 4-dimensional sustainability approach with a number of extra-financial objectives for 2025 to support our CSR strategy and ensure that our business activities have a positive impact on society, including:

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Stephane Renie

"The mobility sector has a strong impact, and therefore a particular responsibility when it comes to climate change, which is why we place significant emphasis on the development of sustainable mobility solutions. However, it is extremely important to have a global and   practical approach towards all dimensions of sustainability and create a positive impact for all our stakeholders."

Stephane Renie, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at ALD Automotive


ALD Automotive_- Responsible employer2

Reducing our environmental impact, every step of the way

Making mobility greener, safer and more efficient

Raising ethical, environmental, and social standards with our external stakeholders

Challenging ourselves to be the best we can be

ALD policy embedded within the Group’s commitments