Sustainable mobility

Powertrain shift and electrification:

Our responsibility as a leader in mobility solutions is to support our clients in significantly improving the emission profile of their vehicle fleet, both from a climate change and air quality point of view. In a context of change and uncertainty, where there is no “one size fits all”, ALD Automotive is here to help clients and business partners make informed decisions about which powertrain technology to choose… and accompany them in their electrification journey.

ALD’s mission as a sustainable mobility provider is to make the transition to electric mobility simple and accessible

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Thanks to the life cycle assessment tool developed in the context of our bond issuance, ALD is also able to evaluate the CO2 and NOx avoided by its green fleet, through a life-cycle approach. The financed part of this fleet, recorded on the balance sheet of ALD, saves 445,000 tons of equivalent CO2 and 1,790 tons of equivalent nitrogen oxide per year, compared to an internal combustion engine fleet of equivalent power.

Véhicule électrique

Financing the shift to electric

In February 2023, IFC and ALD announced a partnership to reduce carbon emissions in transport by accelerating the adoption and penetration of green vehicles in emerging markets. The US$400 million IFC investment will help ALD grow its green fleet, a combination of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, in seven countries –Türkiye, Mexico, India, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia. The financing, which was intermediated by Societe Generale on behalf of ALD, is expected to add 15,000 green vehicles with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 22,180 tons a year across the target countries by 2026.

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On 28 June 2022, ALD successfully launched the issuance of a new EUR 500 million Green and Positive Impact Bonds, with the large oversubscription confirming investor interest in our sustainable development strategy. The “Green Bonds”, whose proceeds are used exclusively to fund “green assets”, will in our case enable us to finance Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), as part of our commitment to electrification and alternative mobility. 

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New mobility solutions

ALD Automotive also places a strategic focus on investing in new mobility solutions that will transform car usage, fostering new behaviors that are gradually shifting the model away from the traditional “one user-one car” scenario. Analysis of new uses, connectivity, environmental constraints, mobility policies at the city or regional level, and the rapid growth of mobility platforms led us to identify five main areas to consider when refining the business model for the next few years to 2025: digital technology and connected vehicles, flexibility, new mobility solutions, payment and electrificatio.n

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ALD develops a comprehensive approach with a single objective: reduce the cost of accidents, whether human, financial or environmental, with safe and ecological driving going hand in hand.

Acting on behaviour and change management.
An e-learning offer (ALD Safe Drive) is proposed jointly by ALD and its North American partner Wheels Inc. to international large corporate customers in all countries where they operate. The companies that have offered these training courses to their employees have seen a very significant fall in their accident rates (accident rate down by 7% in the month after training), as well as a significant drop in fuel consumption (3%). The ALD Safe Drive global offer is currently available in seven countries, and on top, more than 30 Group countries offer local physical or online training.