Green Scorecard: Making TCO & CO2 simple

How can you reconcile sustainability needs with concerns about cost savings? It is time to reclaim control on your TCO and CO2 impact.

The Green Scorecard is a workshop dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive decision-making basis, to help you make an automated optimal vehicle and fuel type selection for your fleet. 

Thanks to our experts leading the workshop, you will optimize your TCO approach and CO2 footprint taking into consideration:

  • Your corporate CSR targets, if any
  • Consistency across the markets
  • A large panel of makes, models and powertrains (PC & LCVs)
  • Evolving taxation for your company and your drivers
  • Realistic and theoretical (WLTP) energy consumption based on driver behaviour and usage
  • Contract duration
  • Drivers’ profiles

The Green Scorecard is a key differentiator on the market as all exercises are automatically done with our tool, without manual effort from our teams.

Having a single TCO approach no matter the country is now simpler than ever.


The Green Scorecard helps: 

  • Calculate theoretical and realistic TCO and CO2
  • Integrate energy split, uplift and charging schemes
  • Identify the best vehicle in terms of TCO and CO2 impact
  • Show fringe benefits for drivers

INT - Green Scorecard visual


What’s included: 

Vehicle benchmarking
Vehicle benchmarking
  • Vehicle comparison between alternative powertrains, with visualization of TCO building blocks
  • Theoretical and realistic TCO views in a single chart
  • Energy uplift, charging scheme & energy split
  • Options to adapt home charger cost & insurance monthly fees
Fleet projections
Fleet projections
  • Scenarios of fleet greenification
  • Alternative powertrain proposals adapted to drivers’ profile
  • Vehicle selection used as a baseline for customized quotations and car policy updates
CO2 projections & transition pace
CO2 projections & transition pace
  • Country maturity scoring for electrification
  • Year-by-year order plan for powertrain mix and transition pace
  • CO2 footprint projections
Advisory services
Advisory services
  • Support from our experts throughout the workshop
  • Vehicle usage with energy uplift exclusive feature – no competitors can provide theoretical and realistic data!


How does it work?

The objective of the workshop is to have a discussion about your fleet strategy, in order to deliver you a comprehensive approach to reach optimum TCO & carbon footprint. In 4 steps, we will show you that switching to a greener policy is possible:

Green Scorecard - Steps


How can Green Scorecard help fleet managers?

TCO calculations are complex and even more so with electric vehicles and sustainable objectives. But we can help to make it easier.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Get accurate and realistic TCO and CO2 compared to theoretical ones
  • Obtain guidance to manage mobility policy change management in your company
  • Ease your requests to ALD affiliates by requesting best in class vehicles by powertrain, according to your company set-up
  • Receive all the key elements (makes, models, duration and mileage) to promote change internally and reshape your fleet policy
  • Reconcile sustainability and CSR targets with cost avoidance needs


An end-to-end approach or a one-time solution

Green Scorecard is the third step in our 5-step methodology for energy transition. You can do the workshop without completing the other steps, or you can benefit from the full end-to-end methodology. 

Methodo 5 steps



Interested in finding out more about Green Scorecard?

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