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Ensuring your mobility solution is exactly the right fit for your needs.

Tap into our extensive expertise to design the mobility strategy that meets your operational, financial and environmental objectives.
When you work with our experts, you can be sure that you benefit from the latest thinking and in-depth mobility consultancy when planning your solution.

Our 5 Step Methodology

Not all fleets have the same requirements, and each market has its own specificities. Furthermore, immediate needs and long terms goals need to be taken into consideration when defining a mobility policy.

Through our 5 step approach our Consultancy team works with you to understand all the elements that impact your business and its mobility needs, design a policy to fit and support you in managing the change.

5 Step methodology

Our consultancy tools

We have developed a set of proprietary tools enabling our experts to bring you clear insights to support your fleet and mobility decisions in a data driven way.

Throughout all 5 steps of our consultancy methodology our tools will help you:

1/Understand taxation and EV maturity on a country-by-country basis with our  Mobility Guide – check here for the latest edition

Scoring Rationale-2EV maturity scoring-1

2/ Compare your mobility approach to other companies and industry peers with our comprehensive benchmarking tools

Benchmarking tools

3/ Define your mobility policy’s CO2 baseline and project its evolution to ensure you meet your sustainability targets with My Net Zero Program


4/ Assess the readiness of your employee base to drive a BEV or adopt alternative mobility solutions with our Fit4Green expertise

Fit 4 Green


5/ Evaluate your fleet costs per powertrain with comparative TCOs thanks to our Green Scorecard

TCO Benchmark


​Why work with our consultancy team?

​A global network with consistent practices and methodology across the world. A proven methodology and a comprehensive set of tools.
And end-to-end approach – from review and strategy design to implement and track

A data driven strategy with access to 

  • 1,8 + million cars available in our data base
  • Digital tools and tailor-made reports

Recognized expertise with a 92% recommendation rate from our global corporate clients (results based on a satisfaction survey launched in October 2022).

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