Connected vehicles

Drive your business forward with connected vehicles

As technology continues to evolve, our relationship with vehicles is changing too. Connected vehicles are quickly becoming the new standard, providing drivers and businesses with more data and control than ever before. From predicting maintenance needs to optimizing routes and more, connected data is revolutionizing the way we manage vehicles and fleet operations. At ALD Automotive, we're committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to connected vehicles. That's why we offer a range of services to help our clients leverage this powerful technology, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity for their businesses.

Our connected car strategy at a glance

At ALD Automotive, our connected car strategy is all about optimizing vehicle usage, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability. By harnessing the power of data from connected vehicles, we can help businesses make smarter decisions about maintenance, fuel, and expenses, while also tracking CO2 emissions and ensuring greater driver safety. Our goal is to leverage this technology to create innovative new products and services, such as fleet management tools and telematics-based insurance programs. To achieve this, we've partnered with Vinli to develop a global connected car platform that unifies our offerings across the globe. With ALD Automotive, you can stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of connected vehicles.

ALD ProFleet: connecting your business

Data is the new gold but it’s worthless if it doesn’t provide tangible business value.

ALD ProFleet is a connected car solution that delivers company and commercial fleet managers greater insight into daily fleet activities and fuels longer term strategies - regardless of the size of your fleet.

Our goal is to make your life easier and help improve your day-to-day operations by addressing:

  • Fleet utilization & efficiency
  • Driver experience & safety
  • Cost savings
  • Data analysis for proactive fleet management

All you need to do is decide what you want to focus on. 

How does it work?

Onboard data devices are fitted into each vehicle and used to transmit real-time encrypted vehicle data to a secure cloud platform. This data is stored, processed and enriched to provide a wide range of connected technology fleet services through a customizable portal for fleet managers and dedicated mobile app for drivers.

Leaflet_ProFleet_ALD Automotive

When can ALD ProFleet help fleet managers?

Our connected car offering provides you with a single, intuitive online portal through which you can manage multiple data streams. Whether you simply want to measure business mileage more accurately to improve fuel expenditure or pinpoint the exact location of your drivers to improve customer response times, we make fleet data easy by monitoring 3 fleet categories - fleet reports, driver behavior and vehicle activity – to help you achieve your fleet objectives.

Common connected fleet objectives include:

  • Decreasing excess mileage, Picture1
  • Reducing inaccurate or inflated mileage reimbursements,
  • Controlling carbon output,
  • Encouraging regular servicing,
  • Identifying dangerous or costly driving habits,
  • Optimizing vehicle up-time and improving fleet utilization.

What’s in it for drivers?


Our dedicated ALD ProFleet app provides a variety of helpful mobility services to simplify administrative tasks, encourage responsible driving habits, facilitate vehicle maintenance and ensure efficient fuel usage.  

All data collected and processed is fully compliant with data privacy regulations and provides personalized data permission controls.

It’s time to connect your business to make better, more informed decisions and take fleet management to a new level. 

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