2021 Mobility Guide

Reducing mobility emissions is now more than ever at the forefront of the global climate change agenda. With fleet emissions representing up to 50% of your total CO2 emissions, many of you have started committing to ambitious global carbon objectives. For many, however, questions still remain. How can my company reduce mobility emissions? How should I design my energy transition plan? And the list goes on… 

At ALD Automotive, we are committed to making this transition as straightforward and easy for you as possible. This second edition of our Mobility Guide therefore seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the mobility industry, with a major focus this year on sustainable options, electrification trends and the level of EV maturity by region/country

Consolidating data from over 45 countries on a country-by-country basis, this Mobility Guide offers: 

  • An overview of market trends and powertrain penetration 
  • An assessment of taxation constraints and regulatory requirements 
  • A brand-new section providing an EV Maturity score for each country, based on 3 main KPIs (market maturity, charging infrastructure & taxation and regulation) 

Mobility Guide-1

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