2022 Mobility Guide

In a year characterized by a multitude of unforeseen challenges, which has pushed overall new car registrations down, electric vehicle sales was the one sector to show a very high level of resilience. Many of you have successfully navigated this challenging context and increased the level of demand for electric vehicles, which demonstrates that you are putting the environment at the forefront of your business.

However, when it comes to electrification, many questions remain: where should I start? How do I meet my corporate climate goals? And many more.

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With our Mobility Guide we aim to provide a sustainability compass to support you in this electrification journey. The country scoring facilitates the creation of a roadmap to steer your focus in the transition, to where and when it matter the most.

The guide includes:

  • 42 individual country scorecards showcasing the 6 metrics behind the scoring (EV adoption, charging infrastructure, taxation and regulation, green powertrain offering, sustainability relevance and the BEV Total-cost-of-ownership parity vs internal combustion model equivalent);

  • An assessment of taxation benefits and regulatory requirements around electric vehicles for 25 countries.


The Mobility Guide has been already a success story, with some of our clients using the country classification to pace their transition.

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