Fleet consultancy

Ensuring your fleet solution is exactly the right fit for your needs.

Tap into our extensive fleet services expertise to design a fleet that meets your operational, financial and environmental objectives.
When you work with ALD Automotive fleet experts, you can be sure of the latest thinking and in-depth fleet management consultancy when planning your vehicle solution.

Create a tailored car policy for your business

Not every driver has the same requirements; and businesses usually have both immediate and longer term considerations when selecting vehicles. We work with you to understand all the elements that impact car strategy and design a policy to fit. 

We take into account the full range of driving needs and contexts, expected mileage and budget, as well as additional factors such as environmental impact and driver status. We then offer a tailored selection of vehicles for each driver category to fit within the wider parameters of your vehicle policy.

Maximize cost efficiency for the lifetime of the fleet with Total Cost of Ownership analysis

Our extensive expertise enables us to confidently adopt a whole life approach to fleet management – and ensure you save money throughout your contract, not just at the outset. A Total Cost of Ownership approach is designed to get the most from your fleet budget by identifying and optimizing all the costs associated with running vehicles including taxes, fuel, insurance, fines and repairs.

With the complete picture in place, more accurate comparisons can be made between vehicles and regions. If necessary, simple actions can be quickly implemented to keep control of expenditure – such as driver awareness and training for example.

Measure and minimize your fleet carbon footprint

As global warming continues to move up the agenda for fleet managers, it is important to take action to measure and minimize fleet CO2 emissions.

By considering vehicle models, mileage and driving style, ALD Automotive measures the carbon footprint of your whole fleet, vehicle by vehicle. You can then offset your CO2emissions through a panel of verified compensation projects.

And because CO2 is not the only issue, we also measure fuel consumption, NOX and particle emissions to help you make more informed, environmentally responsible decisions.

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