Outsourcing solutions

Are you looking for a long term business partnership with a provider you can trust?

We are experienced in operating as an outsourced fleet service partner, working directly with drivers and delivering more than the traditional supplier relationship.

Why outsource fleet management and administration to ALD Automotive?

The best and most effective outsourcing relationships are when your partner provides a seamless service that operates as a natural extension of your in-house business functions. That is exactly what we can deliver for you.

Outsourcing to ALD Automotive means your business and your drivers benefit from a proven fleet management and administration program. This type of relationship is particularly suited to companies who do not have dedicated in-house fleet management expertise, or prefer key staff to undertake core activities rather than spending time on vehicle management tasks.

Our aim is to eliminate as much as possible the highly repetitive and non-value-added daily tasks. We provide management reports and advice too so that you continue to control strategic fleet issues such as cost management and sourcing decisions. Importantly, we offer a comprehensive infrastructure to manage your fleet directly with your drivers on a day-to-day basis.

Each outsourced relationship is tailored to fit the needs of each business. Why not contact us today to discuss outsourcing the running of your fleet to ALD Automotive?