ALD Move: all-in-one, all for you

Get your employees to travel more efficiently, more healthily and more happily thanks to multi-mobility.

ALD Move is our Mobility-as-a-Service solution allowing you to switch from managing car mobility to managing all forms of mobility. 

The world is changing and so is mobility. Demand can no longer be met by a one-size-fits-all approach. Employers and employees are now looking for flexible, sustainable and digital solutions. 

ALD Move helps: 

  • Attract talent and hold on to high performers with an attractive mobility package
  • Align your employees’ mobility with your sustainability objectives 
  • Get an overview of all mobility expenses in 1 place
  • Report on mobility CO2 emissions


What’s included :

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A mobile app
A mobile app
  • Control expenses and check their remaining budget
  • Upload a receipt if requested by the employer
  • Check the means of transport available nearby, plan a trip, book it 
A payment card
A payment card
  • The payment card, virtual or physical, allows your employees to pay expenses for all authorized mobility services
An administrative management platform
An administrative management platform
  • Define the mobility budget of each employee
  • Activate authorized mobility services
  • Set up the rules of expenses, share supporting documents and reimbursements
  • Export a report on the carbon impact of the daily mobility of your employees

How to get started?

Switching to Mobility-as-a-Service requires to look at mobility with a different mindset. You will need to design a new mobility strategy, going from car policy to mobility policy. No worries: our methodology is here to help achieve this switch successfully, in 5 simple steps. And our experts from the Consultancy team are here to assist you throughout every step of the methodology.

ALD Move - Consultancy approach


Key benefits:

  • Boost employee efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce mobility costs with a more cost-efficient approach
  • Enhance employer branding
  • Retain & attract new talents
  • Improve employee well-being
  • Reduce CO2 footprints
  • Monitor environmental impact
  • Identify the CO2 baseline of commuting employees
  • EV, bicycle or public transport: make sustainable choices

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