ALD Move: Get the most out of mobility!

Our Mobility-as-a-Service solution is for companies who want to make the transition towards a smarter way of travelling for their employees.

With ALD Move, provide your employees with access to relevant, efficient and cost-effective corporate mobility services.

Your employees gain in flexibility by having access to more mobility options, such as a lease car, e-bike, car sharing and public transport. And as a mobility manager, you streamline the processes around mobility management and remain in total control of the mobility policy. 

ALD Move helps your employees in making smart mobility decisions by providing daily mobility advice taking into account an employee’s own calendar, real-time traffic data, your companies’ objectives (such as CO2 emissions, TCO, etc). Users get insights in their budget and travel history, while as an employer you receive reporting on the mobility expenses to monitor your company’s mobility and to help you efficiently manage and adapt your mobility policy as necessary.




Plan, book and pay for a range of mobility options at your fingertips. All users benefit from:

  • A personal mobility assistant to provide daily advice on commuting
  • A “garage” to view all available mobility options
  • A travel history overview 
  • Mobility expenses and usage
  • A dedicated chatbot for troubleshooting problems to anticipate overlapping appointments or missing addresses


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Aiming for behavioral change, by incentivizing smart mobility choices

To help drive down a company’s CO2 footprint and mobility costs, employees who make smart mobility choices can be rewarded with credits. To do so, you can configure the credits-system to ensure that sustainable options are among the first options proposed to your employees. This creates a common objective for both the employee and the company, where both parties benefit from smarter mobility choices! 


Employees can be rewarded with ‘mobility credits’ by:

  • Substituting car miles by trips with an e-bike or public transport
  • Leasing below their budget
  • Choosing a car with low CO2 emissions


A mobility project carried out in co-creation with our customers​​

Three years ago, we interviewed some of our customers about the future of their company's mobility and how we could accompany them better. From these insightful discussions, we decided to launch a Mobility-as-a-Service solution, solving our clients’ common need of flexibility, multi-modal traveling and streamlined processes around mobility management.

This is how ALD Move is born as an all-inclusive MaaS app, acting as a mobility integrator for employer, employee and us.

But the app is only one piece of a holistic program. On our innovation journey, the Consultancy team, together with various experts across countries and departments, has offered an end-to-end support to the program. Clear methodology, governance, agility and engagement of internal stakeholders were the key words contributing to the success of this program.

And as a proof of our success, ALD Move won the award for most innovative solution in Fleet Europe’s Industry award in 2019!


With ALD Move, get more out of your day!