Events 2023

ALD Automotive organizes and participates in many fleet events throughout the year to share knowledge and expertise.

Upcoming events:

The Financial Times Future of the Car 2023

9-11 May 2022, London (UK) & Digital


The Financial Times - Future of the Car summit is a must-attend, three day strategy-focussed conference for anyone leading at the juncture of traditional automotive industry practice and technology-driven disruption. For the 3rd year in a row, we are happy to be one of the lead sponsors of the 9th edition of this event, focusing on the next general software-defined car, batteries: innovating to bring the price down, tackling the automotive supply-chain crisis, mobility in the meta-verse and answer what’s next for autonomous vehicles and the Net Zero Car.

We will participate to the Stream 2 “Retail Business Models » on 9 May:

1:55 - 2:10 PM - Fireside Chat: Annie Pin, Chief Commercial Officer of ALD Automotive, in conversation with Sarah White, Paris Correspondent, Financial Times. 

2:10 – 3:00 PM - Panel: Creating a frictionless automotive retail experience 

The acceleration of digitisation and rise in e-commerce has irrevocably changed how customers purchase products- automotive retail is no exception: 

  • To what extent will the dealership ‘agency’ model evolve and how can each stakeholder, including the employees and customer, benefit? 
  • Are car manufacturers equipped with skills and resources to effectively monetise the direct-to-consumer opportunity? 
  • How can dealers, OEMs and intermediaries work together to create a seamless omnichannel experience? 


  • Adrian Porter, Head of Partnerships at ALD Automotive 
  • Karoline Baumann, Strategy Director for Europe, Cox Automotive 
  • Stephanie Booth, Sales Lead EMEA, Tesla 
  • Niels Dau, partner in McKinsey & Company 
  • Carlos Lahoz Pardo, Vice President of Sales and Ownership Experience of Kia EU 

Moderator: Sarah White, Paris Correspondent, Financial Times

If you are participating to this event, do not hesitate to come visit us at our Stand!

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LCV Expert Day

15 June, Sortimo International offices (Germany)

Join me - ALD

Join us for this first edition ever, dedicated commercial fleets decision makers throughout Europe.

One full day to discuss about: 

  • Efficient LCV management
  • The best way to innovate and electrify
  • Implementing telematics
  • How to focus on safety and security
  • Save on cost and be more sustainable

As one of the sponsors, we will present a learning session. Stay tuned for more! 

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Global Fleet Conference 2023

15-16-17 May, Cascais (Portugal)

join us gfc 2023 ALD

Once more, we are one of the happy sponsors of the Global Fleet Conference 2023, held in Cascais from 15 to 17 May! This edition will focus on Sustainable Procurement: the power for your global fleet strategy.

We will participate to 4 sessions throughout the event: 

  • APAC Expert Meeting - 15 May, 13:00 to 14:30

In terms of global fleet management, Asia-Pacific is the most complex region. From a fleet and mobility perspective, it’s also an increasingly important region. The goal of this Expert Meeting: to identify international business opportunities in fleet and mobility across APAC.

We will participate to this session with our partners Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation and Mitsubishi HC Capital:

Miel Hortsen, Group Regional Director and Executive Committee member, ALD Automotive

Koichi Inoue, Executive officer, Mitsubishi Auto Leasing

Tsuyoshi Takano;  Deputy General Manager of Mobility Business Department at Mitsubishi HC Capital

And 1 other speaker.

  • Thought Leadership - 16 May, 16:00 to 16:20

Sustainability is about more than electric cars. It is about more than offsetting carbon emissions. Sustainability is about changing the way we live, the way we act, the way we move. Every corporate is now facing the challenge of how it can meet this challenge, and a key area of focus is how to enable employees to move around in the most sustainable manner. It is an enterprise wide challenge covering many aspects of corporate life and there are a range of providers and solutions appearing on the market. In this session, we aim to decrypt the employee sustainable mobility challenge and provide simple, effective recommendations for introducing sustainable mobility solutions for all employees.


Amélie de Valroger, Head of Business Intelligence & Consultancy & EV development, ALD Automotive

Stéphane Renie, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, ALD Automotive

  • CEO Panel - 16 May, 16:50 to 17:30

This panel discussion will feature C-level executives from the Alliance ALD-Wheels Donlen LeasePlan and the Element-Arval Global Alliance. The aim is to explore the dynamics of global leasing alliances and the future of global leasing.


Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive

Shlomo Crandus, CEO of Wheels-LP

And 2 other speakers.

  •  "CO2 targets, achievable or not?" Q&A panel - 17 May, 9:00 to 9:45

This Q&A panel is discussing the hot topic of C02 targets, diving into the tactics to set the right emission reduction targets, and more importantly to achieve these targets, what other emissions should fleet managers look at and more.


Pilar Madeira, Business Intelligence & Consultancy Manager, ALD Automotive

And 2 other speakers. 


And following its success during Fleet Europe 2022, the "Inspiring Women in Fleet" breakfast will be back on 16 May, 9:00! 


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Past events:

Stand-alone webinar

22 March 2023 - Digital

INT - Stand-alone webinar banner

Are you struggling to reduce your fleet's carbon emissions and meet climate goals? The urgency to reduce CO2 emissions has never been greater. Don't let the challenges of going green increase your blood pressure - let us help you simplify the process. Join our webinar as we present a successful methodology for defining and achieving climate goals. Discover concrete solutions and alternative methods to reduce your carbon footprint, beyond just electrification.

IFMI Europe

14 February 2023 - Digital

IFMI is back! For this first session, we've discussed about How to increase cost control in 2023.

  • What are the levers for cost savings in 2023?
    • Supply management and purchasing
    • Process harmonisation  
    • Data consolidation and fleet automation 
  • How to rhyme procurement goals with business efficiency and talent retention?
  • How to rhyme cost savings with Sustainability and Safety?

Click here to discover the key takeaways


Fleet Europe Summit

16-17 November 2022 - Dublin (Netherlands)

This year’s 2022 edition of the Fleet Europe Summit focused on looking to future: “Fleet Sustainability, for People, Planet, Profit”. We participated in three panel discussions and held a thought leadership session during this year’s event:

Maximizing the User Experience in Fleet & Mobility

What do corporate fleet decision makers want? The same thing as their drivers and mobility-entitled employees: quality solutions and services, that are easily accessible, user-friendly, and efficient. And not just efficient in terms of time and money, but also in terms of security and safety. Clearly, user requirements have become more sophisticated. And: the user experience is now a key factor in the fleet and mobility ecosystem. So, what does this mean and how could we benefit from it? 

Vanessa Govi, our Chief Digital Officer, participated to this panel, along with Olivier Baldassari, Group Chief Operating Officer at Europcar Mobility Group, Edward Kulperger, Senior Vice President EMEA at Geotab.


Beyond supply and infrastructure: scaling for the Evolution

With the electric EVolution well underway, the automotive industry is continuing to evolve to adapt to emerging technologies, consumer demands and government legislation. Now, attention must also be given to the practical aspects of maintaining EV fleets at scale. How is the fleet sector working to maximise the health and battery lifecycle of their EV fleets? What changes is the EVolution bringing to the defleet process, and what steps are being taken to maximise residual values? And how is this contributing to our collective sustainability goals?

John Saffrett, our Deputy CEO, participated to this panel, along with Karoline Baumann, Strategy Director- Europe at Cox Automotive, and Martin Forbes, President at Cox Automotive International.


Mobility management in a crisis! A survival guide

The world is facing a geopolitical storm with war and economic uncertainty disrupting supply chains and creating a global energy crisis. On top of this, the environmental crisis threatens permanent damage to our planet and hence the road to net zero and sustainability ambitions are still of paramount importance.

Annie Pin, our Chief Commercial Officer and John Saffrett, our Deputy CEO, led this thought leadership session, outlining how these events are creating unparallel volatility and disruption for mobility ambitions and provide insight into how leasing companies such as ALD Automotive can help fleet managers plot a steady path to meeting their sustainability goals despite these disruptions.


Ensuring Business Continuity in Fleet & Mobility - Executive Panel

Corporate fleets have a major role to play in ensuring operational continuity for their company. That’s easier said than done in a market is characterised by not one but many disruptive trends… In this environment, it’s not easy to anticipate and prepare for the future. But it’s not impossible. Executives from leasing companies discussed how to mitigate risk and ensure fleet and mobility continuity.

With John Saffrett, our Deputy CEO, along with Berno Kleinherenbrink, Chief Commercial Officer at LeasePlan Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon Markus Deusing, CEO of Alphabet International Bart Beckers, Chief Commercial Officer - Deputy CEO of Arval


A novelty in the program: “Inspiring women in fleet” sponsored breakfast

The day started off with an exclusive "Insipiring Women in Mobility" breakfast organized by ALD Automotive and Fleet Europe. Gathering more than 140 participants, this first ever event brought together like-minded attendees and gave them the opportunity to meet, exchange and share with peers.


Presentations of all sessions available here 


Forum Mondial 3Zéro 2022

5-6 September 2022 – Paris (France)

Since its launch in 2008, this Forum is bringing together several thousand professionals every year to discuss innovative solutions to fight against poverty, precariousness and climate change. It offers international experts and decision-makers a space for learning, meeting and jointly develop responses to social and environmental challenges.

On Monday 5 September, Stéphane Rénie, Head of CSR at ALD Automotive, was participating to the event, during a panel dedicated to "Sustainable Mobility, Inclusive Mobility". Together with peers, they discussed about sustainable mobility and its challenges in the context of the energy transition, how to ensure that mobility is accessible to all, and more. 


Smart Mobility Conference 2022: Corporate mobility, design & start

9 June 2022

In partnership with Frost & Sullivan, the Smart Mobility Conference aims to accelerate the development and implementation of Corporate Mobility within organisations. We were a sponsor of the event live in Brussels, making sure that your strategy is ready for the transition in smart corporate mobility. 


International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 2022 - The Electric Future is here

11-15 June 2022 - Oslo (Norway)

EVS is highly renowned as the most important conference and meeting place for the EV industry in the world. The conference gathers policymakers, representatives from industry, relevant research communities and NGOs, and we will be the first leasing company ever participating as a sponsor of the event!

On Tuesday 14 June, Annie Pin, our Chief Commercial Officer, was participating to the session "Electrifying entire company fleets – is it possible?", along with Patrik Havranek, Head of Group Fleet Management, ISS Facility Services AG. 

When a global company that operates in several countries are working on electrifying its entire fleets of vehicles, it will be challenging, but it will reduce emissions globally. Furthermore, it will be an important source of inspiration, both to employees and competing companies.



ChangeNOW 2022

19-21 May 2022 – Paris (France)

Reducing carbon emissions has become a business imperative and sustainable mobility can contribute. Transitioning a corporate fleet to electric vehicles seems an obvious choice, but the process is more complex than just changing cars. Alternative mobility solutions can also be a great option in urban environments, the challenge is deciding how to adapt it to your company. The bottom line is that making the move to cleaner corporate mobility is possible. Find out what options are available and how ALD Automotive is accompanying its clients on this journey.

With speakers:



The Financial Times Future of the Car 2022

9-12 May 2022, London (UK) & Digital


The Financial Times Future of the Car summit is where visionary OEMs, industry shakers and challenger brands come together to examine the technology, consumer and business model trends forever changing the way cars are made and sold. For the 2nd year in a row, we are very happy to be one of the sponsors of the 8th edition of event, focusing on Optimising Returns in an Evolving Market While Keeping 1.5°C Alive.

We participated in a presentation:

The “smart” way of approaching future mobility – electric, digital and fully connected 

Times are changing and so are OEM distribution models. Faced with the need to transition to electric vehicles and the growing trend towards new, digitally arranged usership, smart decided to take a leap of faith and reinvent its mobility business model from the ground up to future proof its growth. This has meant carrying out a complete overhaul of its customer journey, using a digital first approach and embracing the transition away from classical long-term ownership models towards mid- and even short-term usership. This fireside chat will delve into the details around this pivotal change in smart’s development. 

With John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive

and Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe


Global Fleet Conference 2022: Sustainable fleet management around the world

2-4 May 2022, Cascais (Portugal)

We were happy to participate to the Global Fleet Conference as one of the sponsors. Held in-person in Cascais from 2 to 4 May, it was the perfect opportunity to meet and share experiences and expertise with customers and prospects from all over the globe.

We participated to 2 presentations and 1 panel:

Why sustainability matters – right now!

A no brainer, right? Wrong. We all agree that sustainability is important, but “being” sustainable is a totally different matter. It means reinventing how you run your business. It means adapting to new rules, new requirements, new products, new expectations and keeping operations running smoothly in the meanwhile. There are, however, ways to make it happen; you just need to be resourceful and ready to explore new options… And given the megatrends we’re seeing, this is just the beginning.

With John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive


When energy prices are skyrocketing: buckle up and keep your TCO on track

Gasoline and diesel prices are reaching new records day-by-day and electricity is rapidly following suit. “Fuel” has always been the second most important factor in a vehicle’s overall cost, but in such an unprecedented context, efficiently running a mixed fleet of ICE, hybrid and battery electric vehicles is a real challenge. Rest assured, there are ways to reclaim control and get that energy cost equation right. How? It starts by optimizing your TCO. 

With Laura JOZWIAK, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Relations at Wheels

Thierry Faure, Head of Sales International Key Accounts at ALD Automotive

Koichi INOUE, Executive officer at Mitsubishi Auto Lease Corporation


Be Ready for the Perfect Storm: Sustainable Fleet Finance and Business Models

Executive panel discussion with major global leasing companies. Topic: How do they adapt their business models to include solutions that are right for the new era of Sustainable Fleet & Mobility?

With Pilar Madeira, Deputy of Head of Sales team & Regions International Key Accounts, ALD Automotive, and fellow sponsors.



Connected Fleets Conference 2022: Sustainable and Connected

28-29 March 2022, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Connectivity is crucial in meeting corporate sustainability and carbon neutral goals. Charging optimization, effective route planning and integration of alternative mobility solutions are just some of the challenges corporations are confronted with today, where Connected solutions can provide true support. 

We participated in a roundtable discussing about:

How to balance Sustainability with Safety, Savings and Employee Satisfaction through Connectivity

In this panel discussion, Vanessa Govi (Chief Digital Officer at ALD Automotive) along with fellow executives have shared their vision on the role of connectivity for fleet and mobility efficiency.



Webinar 2022 - Hitting your 2022 objectives: Sustainability and Cost Savings

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for many fleet managers. But with supply chain disruption and ongoing pressure to cut costs, marrying Sustainability and Cost Optimisation might seem like a challenge.

ChargePoint and ALD show you how these two can go hand in hand and how, with Fleet Electrification done right, you can kill 2 birds with one stone.



Fleet Europe Summit 2021 - Ready for change, building tomorrow

9 & 10 November 2021

We participated in 2 panels: 

Successfully step into the uncharted territory of electrification

Electrification is more than just ordering an EV. You’re going to need to your mobility strategy, but you’ll also need new resources, tools, market data, vehicle models and related services to make your electric journey a success. Our goal is to deliver the new resources and services you need to make your transition as efficient and smooth as possible. 

Building tomorrow’s fleet and mobility

Both the pandemic and the current semiconductor chip crisis have an unexpected impact on our Fleet and Mobility ecosystem. But these events have not tempered the drive nor the agility of our industry. In this executive panel discussion, we will examine how to build tomorrow’s Fleet and Mobility ecosystem.

Reuters - Utilizing Space in Cities: Changing Travel Behaviours to enable Multi-Modal and Connected Mobility Solutions

28 October 2021

As working habits evolve and cities work towards achieving equitable and low-emission mobility solutions we are witnessing a surge of new mobility opportunities. These require multi-stakeholder partnerships that understand and accommodate for the consumer, and at the same time optimize city infrastructure and spaces.

Fleet Week 2021 - Connected and Electric

18 - 22 October 2021

In our panel, we discussed about controling the data coming from your charging devices and electric vehicles, and you will be the master of your electric fleet. Rest assured, it doesn't require superpowers to make it happen! All you need is a bit of planning, the right systems and tools in place and a trusted partner to support you. 

 Connected Fleets Conference 2021 - Telematics, the proof of success

30 September 2021

We were focusing on the entire spectrum of Connectivity and showcase hands-on Case Studies and Thought Leadership on how you can benefit from Connected Solutions in your fleet. We participated in the panel "Telematics & electrification: working hand in hand for the future of mobility".


Smart Mobility Conference 2021

10 June 2021

We participated in a panel “Employee car schemes : who, what, why & how”, walkeding you through the main features of an Employee Car Scheme and breakdown the main steps required to maximize the benefits for both your company and your employees.

Read the 3 key takeaways from the panel:

✅ A solid budget management solution is essential to power mobility allowance, but more is needed if you want to align individual behavior with organizational goals 

✅ To launch a mobility allowance scheme, start from the employees’ mobility needs and add corporate goals and scenario modelling into the mix

✅ Strong co-building approach is essential to get a clear understanding of the company needs and the employees expectations, to build the most efficient and attractive solution


Global Fleet Conference - Around the World in 12 hours

12 May 2021 

For this year edition, the Global Fleet Conference is taking us on a journey around the world in 12 hours and the ALD Automotive | Wheels Global Alliance in partnership with Mitsubishi Auto Leasing are very happy to be counted as sponsors of this unique event.

Here are the key takeaways of our panels during the event:

You can’t do everything, so outsource and focus on your strategy

✅ Fleet managers are facing an increasing number of challenges to overcome and decisions that need to be made, and it is becoming harder to balance daily tasks with strategic decisions

✅ Outsourcing mundane administrative tasks can give fleet managers time to understand, analyze and manage the bigger picture of their strategy

✅ Focusing on strategic projects such as electrification is now a priority, and it requires tools, methodology and, more often than not, professional consultants to accompany fleet managers efficiently


Global & local: the fine art of mastering global fleet management
✅ Benefits of global fleet management include fleet visibility and control, best practice sharing, more efficient car policies, purchasing power and a win/win strategic partnership with global providers

✅  A successful global fleet management strategy has TCO control as a foundation and your company's culture as a priority 

✅  We have the widest strategic Alliance coverage in the market 

✅ Global success in fleet requires alignment of your global and local stakeholders on fleet priorities/policies, together with a clear scope of services from each provider


Benefiting from leasing across the globe
Subscription model, connected cars, flexible solutions, electrification... Tim Albertsen, CEO at ALD Automotive, alongside fellow global leasing companies, will address how they adapt their business with solutions that fit into the new era of Fleet & Mobility.


Getting your funding strategy right: misconceptions and challenges around buying vs. leasing

✅  A TCM approach ensures a complete understanding and comparison of sourcing options and services offered

✅  Fleet sustainability is a reality in the LATAM region also through EVs combining alternative fuels and mobility options in the biggest cities, showing a rise in demand

✅  You can combine global strategic objectives and local know-how thanks to a global partner having a local presence as well, in order to successfully implement a global fleet strategy

10 minutes with Laura Jozwiak & Annie Pin
Annie PIN, Chief Commercial Officer at ALD Automotive, and Laura Jozwiak, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Relations at Wheels, Inc. share their key takeaways from the conference in a 10-minute video, addressing growing mobility trends, such as electrification and de-globalization.

Watch all the replay videos by clicking here


Fleet Week 2021 - Winning strategies for your LCV Fleet

26 - 30 April 2021 

We were happy to be a sponsor of the upcoming Fleet Week focusing on how to manage, maintain and implement an integrated Commercial Fleets strategy. We participated via a video podcast: To e-LCV or not to e-LCV: do you know the answer this question?

In order to transition successfully from LCV to eLCV, there are 3 things that you should keep in mind:

✅Think about TCO, both in terms of "total cost of ownership" and "total cost of operation", don't just focus on rentals.

✅ Understand your vehicle usage patterns & load requirements, to help you better understand the vehicle range you will need for your business.

✅ Train your drivers on some of the tips and tricks of eLCV use, such as avoiding overloading and preconditioning vehicle interior temperature by using heaters or air conditioning while your eLCV is on charge, as well as actual driver training.

Fleet Latam Conference 2021

22 April 2021 

We participated in a panel (in spanish) discussing about "Controling cost-efficiency for your LCV Fleet in Latam", with Mauricio Serna, Commercial Director in ALD Colombia.


And in an Executives Leasing Panel about "Recipes for Fleet Management Success in Latam", with Kent Bjertrup, Regional Director Latin America.

Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021

20 - 21 January 2021

Jeremy Cleary, Regional Chief Commercial Officer South East Asia at ALD MHC Mobility Services Malaysia, participated in a panel, "Getting your funding strategy right in Asia: Misconceptions around buying vs. leasing explained". He is taking a closer look at how leasing can drive simplification and deliver value for corporates and fleet managers throughout the region.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the panel: 

✅ The time is right to re-assess your funding strategy and consider to move to leasing

✅ Cash is a scarce and precious resource that has a cost when assessing outright purchase cashflows

✅ Outsourcing risk, administrative tasks and funding enable simplification and savings for your company

"Ensuring customer satisfaction and managing fleet and mobility expectations in APAC"

EV Summit 2020

15 - 16 December 2020

John Saffrett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at ALD Automotive, participated in a panel discussing the move to more sustainable forms of mobility, our 'Move 2025' strategy and how sustainable mobility is a key aspect of it. Watch John's talk to find out about ALD Automotive's aim to support our corporate customers with their move to electric vehicles, hear how we can help combat typical concerns surrounding EVs and understand how we can support this transition in the most efficient way possible.

Fleet Europe Summit

17 - 18 November 2020

Reinventing corporate mobility

Here are 3 key takeaways of this panel : 

✅ More than just an app, our Mobility-as-a-Service solution is an end-to-end program designed hand in hand with strategic clients

✅ Our aim was to create a mobility one-stop-shop powered by ALD Automotive and act as a glocalized mobility integrator for employers, employees and mobility providers.

✅ The success of the program lies in: a data driven strategy ; a clear governance ; an agile methodology: test & learn, with achievable and quick results ; the involvement from the beginning of all stakeholders to ensure a smooth change management throughout the program.


From data to reality, electrification can make a difference (we’ve got the proof)

Here are 3 key takeaways of this panel : 

✅ The use of telematics kills the myths around EV range anxiety: our data analysis shows that usage requirements for a high majority of our UK fleet drivers are perfectly compatible with EVs

✅ A wide range of EVs, which are less expensive than their ICE alternatives in many situations and with comparable features and performance, are a fantastic enabler for the EV transition

✅ We are committed to being a key player in the energy transition and we have fundamentally changed our business model to make it possible, making us the best partner to support you in your electrification journey

Understanding the digital mobility revolution

Digital technology is profoundly changing mobility and the challenge is to efficiently harness the power of digitalization to revolutionize customer experience and provide greater value. In this keynote session, John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive, discuss what this means in terms of creating a digital mindset, building technical expertise, rolling-out agile methods, creating the right partnerships and pushing product innovation to evolve, develop and scale.

Global fleet management made easier

Here are 4 key takeaways of the panel: 

✅ Benefits of global fleet management include fleet visibility and control, best practice sharing, more efficient car policy, purchasing power and win/win strategic partnership

✅ We have the widest strategic alliance coverage in the market to make your global fleet management easier

✅ With our strategic partner Wheels, Inc., we have experience to advise on adequate set-up according to clients’ strategy and governance

✅ Managing global fleet is made even easier with ALD Net, evaluated by multiple clients as best in class reporting platform with global features

A new frontier: Employee car ownership schemes explained 

Here are 3 key takeaways of the panel: 

✅ Private Lease for employees is an upward trend

✅ Companies need to set up innovative and efficient schemes to meet their operational and financial needs, but also to align with new employee expectations

✅ Our co-building approach allows companies to set up optimized solutions, in line with their mobility policy, with no additional workload and for all employees, regardless of company car eligibility


Electric Fleet Week 2020

14 October 2020

The right infrastructure for your EV fleet with ALD Automotive and ChargePoint

Fuelling a petrol or diesel car is familiar and easy. If you’re new to e-mobility, charging your EV is neither. In fact, the bewildering variety of charging solutions and speeds, not to mention all those connector cables, might be what’s putting you off. So, high time to get a few things straight. In this webinar, supported by ALD Automotive, you will get insight in the charging infrastructure development and solutions for efficient EV charging.