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11September 2019

ALD automotive launches ALD move in the netherlands, the group’s first mobility-as-a-service solution

ALD automotive launches ALD move in the netherlands,  the group’s first mobility-as-a-service solution

ALD Automotive is launching ALD Move, the company’s first Mobility-as-a-Service app, in the Netherlands. Aimed at fostering a holistic, flexible approach to travel, ALD Move provides a combination of real time travel insight and advice and a range of mobility offerings to improve efficiency and encourage responsible mobility behavior.

Designed as a mobility assistant to stimulate smart travel, ALD Move provides three core services:

  • A personal travel assistant which produces optimal travel itineraries each morning synched with an online calendar. Itineraries are updated based on real-time and predictive analytics and take into account constraints such as traffic information, weather conditions and transport issues. Alternative travel routes and multi-modality recommendations are provided when appropriate
  • A dedicated chatbot for troubleshooting calendar problems via machine learning to address items such as missing addresses or overlapping appointments
  • An instant route planner for spur of the moment trips taking into account existing calendar constraints

ALD Move leverages ALD Automotive’s strategic partnership with Microsoft and is supported by Microsoft’s secure Azure Cloud platform and digital services to ensure that the Mobility-as-a-Service app is flexible, integrated and scalable.

ALD Move will be tested among 100 users in the coming months. It can be paired with a mobility card which provides access to a complementary range of mobility alternatives via public transport.

The app can also be used to help reinforce corporate mobility policies and foster smart mobility decisions by incentivising responsible mobility through a credit program. Employees accumulate mobility credits for smart mobility choices such as using a bike or electric car which can be converted into extra mobility.

“At ALD Automotive, we are committed to shaping the future of mobility,” confirms John Saffrett, Deputy CEO at ALD. “ALD Move is a clear example of how we use technology, partnerships and industry expertise to improve the day to day mobility of our clients to ensure that they benefit from best-in class mobility solutions that are efficient, flexible and sustainable. Once you’ve harnessed the capacity to centralise mobility solutions through an open and collaborative community to make Mobility-as-a-Service a reality, the possibilities are endless.”

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