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15September 2022

ALD Automotive continues roll-out of multimobility solution, ALD Move, in Belgium

ALD Automotive continues roll-out of multimobility solution, ALD Move, in Belgium

ALD Automotive is pleased to announce the successful launch in Belgium of ALD Move, a multimobility solution for corporate clients. This all-in-one service allows corporate employees to easily manage, plan, book and pay for corporate mobility through an app, a management platform and a payment card. The launch follows the recent successful implementation in France in May and is part of the company’s ambitious development strategy plan, Move 2025, to deliver innovative and sustainable mobility solutions to corporate clients.

Advisory services are available if required prior to implementation and can include market analysis, employee profiling, predictive CO² calculations and Total Cost of Mobility (TCM) projections, to redesign and incorporate multimobility into a company’s mobility policy. ALD Move provides Fleet Managers, Mobility Managers and HR professionals with a centralized administrative management platform to define and monitor employee mobility budgets and expenditure, as well as track mobility usage and CO2 emissions. Employees may spend their allocated budget in-app or with the payment card on mobility means authorized by the employer. Additionally, the mobile app helps them monitor and manage their budget, as well as plan trips.

Growing appetite for corporate multimobility solutions is the result of an increasing focus on CO2 emissions reduction, favorable legal and fiscal policies, advances in scalable technology, a growing sharing economy and the rise of digital lifestyles which are influencing day-to-day mobility related behaviors. This has created the perfect opportunity to build new employee-centric alternative sustainable mobility solutions to allow employers to deliver efficient, flexible mobility services to a broader employee base for commuting and business travel, and reduce environmental impact, boost employer attractiveness and gain control and oversight of mobility expenditure and usage. Now available in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, further expansion is planned in all major European cities by 2025.

“At ALD Automotive, we believe that mobility can be delivered in a smarter, more sustainable manner through technology, partnerships and industry expertise,” confirms Tim Albertsen, CEO at ALD. “Our goal is to shape the future of mobility by harnessing the power of Mobility-as-a-Service and making it a reality for our corporate clients and their employees.”