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24May 2023

Changes to the ALD Board of Directors

Changes to the ALD Board of Directors

ALD confirms changes to its Board of Directors following resolutions approved at its Shareholder Meeting held on 24 May 2023:

  • Appointment of Pierre Palmieri as Member of the Board, replacing Didier Hauguel who announced his intention to resign from his mandate as from this Assembly date
  • Renewal of the mandates of Patricia Lacoste, Diony Lebot, Tim Albertsen and Frédéric Oudéa

At the Board meeting held following the Shareholder Meeting:

  • Pierre Palmieri was elected as Chair of the Board, replacing Diony Lebot, following recent changes to Societe Generale group’s governance.
  • Didier Hauguel was assigned a 2-year mandate as Non-Voting Member of the Board (in line with dispositions of Art 14 of the by-laws), with the specific mission to supervise the progress of the integration of LeasePlan, the transition of the Company to regulated status, and the overall effectiveness of the Company’s new governance.
  • New Internal regulations for the Board of Directors have been adopted, including a new organization with 5 specialized committees (Audit, Risk, Remuneration, Appointment, Strategy). The Chairs of these committees have been specified below.

Further to these changes, along with those announced on 22 May 2023 with the completion of the LeasePlan acquisition, the composition of the Board of Directors of ALD is as follows:

  • Pierre Palmieri, Chair of the Board & Chair of the Strategic Committee (COSTRAT)
  • Tim Albertsen, Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • Diony Lebot, Member of the Board
  • Delphine Garcin-Meunier, Member of the Board
  • Frédéric Oudéa, Member of the Board
  • Benoit Grisoni, Member of the Board
  • Xavier Durand, Independent member of the Board, Chair of the Risk Committee (CORISK)
  • Patricia Lacoste, Independent member of the Board, Chair of the Remuneration Committee (COREM)
  • Anik Chaumartin, Independent member of the Board, Chair of the Audit Committee (CACI)
  • Christophe Perillat, Independent member of the Board, Chair of the Appointments Committee (CONOM)
  • Hacina Py, Member of the Board
  • Mark Stephens, Member of the Board

Pierre Palmieri, Deputy CEO of Societe Generale and Chair of ALD’s Board of Directors, commented: “On behalf of the members of the Board, I would like to warmly thank Diony Lebot for her contribution and support to the development of ALD, as Member and Chair of the Board of Directors. I am delighted that she has agreed to stay on as Member to further contribute to ALD’s strategic development following the successful completion of the acquisition of LeasePlan. I am honoured and proud to join ALD’s Board of directors and I look forward to working with the Board and ALD’s newly appointed executive committee to support the integration of LeasePlan and start a new chapter in ALD’s development, where the combined entity will be ideally positioned to lead the transformation of the mobility industry.”


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