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ALD Automotive offers practical, easy-to-use tools for modern fleet managers 


Web Tools


 ALD Net

A best in class global fleet management platform for monitoring your fleet

With online access to ALD net, you have multiple reporting possibilities, dynamic informati


on and access to key performance indicators as well as details of your fleet.

Particularly suited to the needs of global fleets, ALD net provides a consolidated worldview view of all your vehicles and mobility solutions managed by ALD Automotive and its Partners.

ALD net helps you to manage your fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing tailored alerts on mileage deviation, renewals, fuel consumption and much more.

Advanced drill down capabilities focus on the global fleet to a single local contract with specific region, country or entity views.
Ready-to-use reports are available in 14 languages covering all key areas including new orders and deliveries, terminated contracts, fleet running costs, CO2 emissions, powertrain evolution etc.

You have the possibility to create and save your own reports and all reports can be customized through advanced capabilities such as online sorting and filtering, currency and distance conversion, and exporting into different formats. 

For non-international accounts, ALD net has a direct local access through My ALD portal.

For non-international accounts, ALD net has a direct access through My ALD portal.

Direct access to ALD net reporting tool for clients.




A web portal created to support fleet managers

My ALD is designed to make fleet management and administrative tasks easier, faster and more efficient. It means you and your drivers have more time to focus on core activities too.

My ALD can be used for all of the following:MY ALD

  • See details on contracts and vehicles
  • Invoice visualization
  • Access a host of reporting tools through ALD Net
  • Download useful fleet reports
  • Send notifications to your drivers via alerts
  • Request assistance for your drivers
  • Configure and select a car
  • Update vehicle mileage
  • Search for localized service providers
  • Drivers can access useful documents


Car selector

Helping your drivers make the right vehicle decision

This tool makes it easy for drivers to select vehicles, configure options 
and accessories, according to car policy / list in place.

Car selector provides up to date vehicle information available 24/7.

Drivers can search and compare vehicles based on their car policy on typical criteria such as:

  • Makes, models, body type,
  • CO2 emissions & fuel consumption,
  • Purchase prices. 

Car selector is available in 20+ countries.



Web quoter

A facilitator to define your fleet

Once you have a car policy in place, our web quoter tool is set up to reflect the parameters of choice. Your drivers can then pick their cars accordingly.

  • Easy to use and based on the latest information, the web quoter enables each driver to calculate their own quotations whilst still meeting the requirements of the company car policy.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the web quoter tool saves fleet managers time and gives drivers independence and choice.
  • Vehicles are offered according to the preselected criteria: particular make and model, fuel type, mandatory options, limited CO2 emission, list price, etc.



Manage and track your vehicles in real time

Telematics vehicle technology is increasingly popular with ALD Automotive customers around the globe. It enables fleet managers to keep a watchful eye on company vehicles and is proven to deliver a number of benefits:

  • Accurate journey logging and mileage capture
  • Improved legislative compliance and cost control
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved tax efficiency
  • Decrease of the reported incidents due to a better driving
  • Greater chance of recovery in the event of car theft
  • Proactive notification of services
  • Operating cost reductions through timely maintenance and a better driver behavior
  • Capture data for more efficient environmental management

One of the key challenges for modern fleet managers is convincing individual drivers that their behavior has a cost implication: inefficient driving impacts the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the vehicle. Telematics provides accurate behavioral data in real-time. Once any driver concerns regarding privacy are addressed, telematics can also be a motivator to do better.

The telematics unit within the vehicle is fitted with a SIM card which sends odometer readings directly from the vehicle to ALD Automotive. This information is automatically input into our fleet management systems so that it’s fully integrated in our service processes, e.g. the data is compared with the manufacturer’s servicing intervals to determine how soon the next service is due.

For both companies and drivers, telematics offers numerous ways to manage vehicle information more effectively and improve the driver experience.


Added value services

ALD Contact
ALD Contact
You are always in touch with us for any information, changes or quotations
Fuel card
Fuel card
Helps you to keep track of your fuel consumption
Proposing adapted prevention plans to ensure constant mobility.