ALD bluefleet

As an international mobility solutions company, our responsibility is to act everyday to improve your fleet everyday and to limit fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This involves continually improving the tools offered to our customers to help them measure their carbon footprint, by a rich and innovative service offer which aims to reduce the number of kilometres travelled, through promotional campaigns for alternatively powered vehicles (electric, hybrid or hydrogen) and for eco-driving. That is why we have created the ALD bluefleet label.

ALD bluefleet gathers pragmatic environmental actions available worldwide:

  • Emission-oriented fleet analysis measuring the precise footprint of your worldwide fleet and associating levers to reduce your emissions

  • International offset programme available worldwide

  • Eco driving trainings proposed in most countries

About the offset programme, such as “Carbon Offset”, some of our subsidiaries received the “European CSR Award” in 2013 at the European Commission’s offices.