New mobility

Innovative solutions to shape your future mobility

Looking for next-generation solutions in flexible mobility, delivering employee satisfaction, social responsibility and cost efficiency?
ALD Automotive innovates to best fit your needs and launches ALD newmobility, a label supporting alternative mobility offers.

A leader in corporate mobility solutions, ALD Automotive has always placed sustainable mobility at the heart of its development policy.
Some subsidiaries in Western and Northern Europe are already far advanced in this domain and act as “mobility laboratories” for the entire Group. In those countries, ALD Automotive has taken concrete, innovative steps to meet the new expectations clients have concerning mobility.

 ALD Sharing

This car sharing solution incorporates a fleet of vehicles (including financing and servicing) that can be randomly used by any employee. Booking a car for professional or personal use is possible through an internet platform. It is easy to use, flexible, cost efficient and ecological as one car is shared between several drivers.
It is operational in France & in Spain, and is being deployed in other European countries.

 ALD Switch

This new flexible contract solution to propose the lease of a small, cost-efficient car with a short-term rental budget. The driver thus benefits from driving a low-emissions vehicle, suited to urban use, and has access to a larger vehicle (van, MPV, SUV, convertible...) when needed.

This offer is available in Belgium and in the Netherland.

 ALD Railease

It combines the use of a rail pass with long-term vehicle leasing. Thanks to its versatility, company employees can take full advantage of public transportation while having the flexibility of a personal vehicle when needed. Not only does the reduction in vehicle mileage contribute to lowering total costs and CO2 emissions, it also provides potential tax benefits.
ALD Railease is already available in Belgium and the Netherlands.

 ALD 2wheels

A full service leasing offer for 2 wheelers (scooters and motorbikes), in order to meet the growing needs of companies for efficient urban mobility. The rental mode is close to the rental of a car. Service offers, such as maintenance or fuel management, are also available.
This offer is available in France and in Italy.

 ALD Companybike

Along with these offers, some ALD Automotive entities proposes ALD companybike, enabling the lease driver to include a bike (conventional or elerctrically-assisted) in the contract as a healthy alternative for short distance trips.

Remote offices are also proposed to enable mobile and tele-workers to take advantage of high-quality working areas in business centres or co-working areas, instead of wasting time in their vehicle during peak hour, between two meetings...
This solution is proposed in Belgium and in the Netherlands

 ALD Van

ALD van is a specific and tailor-made fitting services for van. The type of vehicules comprised in this offer are :

- Commercial vehicles: conversion of PVs into CVs, with a reversibility option, and secure storage, etc.
- Transportation of goods and merchandise: controlled-temperature vehicles and refrigerated vehicles, etc.
- Transportation of people: minibuses, and transportation of people with reduced mobility, etc.
- Public works and the environment: skips, trailers, crew cabs, and pick-up trucks, etc.
- Miscellaneous layout: workshop, security, and signage vehicles, ladder racks, and tailgates, etc.

The benefits of using ALD van are splited on three side:

- Quality: high-quality equipment, maintenance, and after-sales service; we work with specialists within a preferred network
- Safety: functional vehicles with quality fittings
- Economical : cost optimisation : conversion costs are spread over the duration of the contract.

 This solution operates in France.

 ALD Electric

ALD electric is a service that provides analysis, advice and support relating to equipping fleets with electric vehicles. ALD Automotive, which has over 3,500 electric vehicles on the road, is playing an active role in the introduction of this new type of vehicle to the company car market.

The dedicated ALD electric expert unit will guide you at each of the following stages:

- studying your requirement, and the issues relating to your business activities;
- recommending and selecting the appropriate electric vehicles;
- advising you, and helping you to install your charging infrastructure;
- providing support when the vehicles are handed to your employees;
- the upkeep, maintenance and monitoring of the vehicles.

It is currently available in Belgium and France.

 7 Wheel Lease

This is an offer that combines rental of a 3-wheel scooter with a conventional vehicle, allowing corporate mobile resources to choose the best tool for transport: a scooter in certain, particularly dense, urban centers or a car for intercity travel or during bad weather. Such an innovative mobility solution also reduces companies' carbon footprint.
This offer is currently available in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

 6 Wheel Lease

This service is similar to 7 Wheel Lease. This new formula allows customers to mix a car with the lease of an electric scooter. The e-scooter can also be leased separately.
This offer is now available in the Netherlands.