Trade sales

ALD carmarket is the fast and effective way to buy cars professionally

ALD carmarket meets the needs of trade buyers with cutting edge online tools designed to optimize the sourcing process. It has never been easier to make educated purchasing decisions on so many automotive markets at once.

From manufacturer maintenance to detailed appraisal reports – ALD carmarket provides peace of mind so there’s no need to travel unless you wish to meet our dedicated sales teams.

There is always one ALD sale open at any point of time as we de-fleet our vehicles online in Europe, Brazil or India all using ALD carmarket.

How does it work?

We remarket used cars and light commercial vehicles. ALD carmarket is a digital platform that provides exhaustive details including appraisals, service history and pictures. With this much information, it’s easy to make an educated online purchase with confidence.

We offer three types of sale:

1.      Auction: Bid manually or automatically online – the best bid purchases the vehicle.

2.      Tender: Buyers make closed bids, ALD selects the best offer and awards the vehicle.

3.      Fixed Price: All buyers are able to click on a vehicle and purchase it instantly.

If you wish to develop your business with us and start a successful relationship, click on the dedicated page to know more.

You can also use also ALD carmarket through a dedicated mobile application.